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Your opinion on hulder culture

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Your opinion on hulder culture
Great Auk posts: I've been a titanian hulder for a long time now, and I've been wondering how people outside of our little subculture see us. I guess it must be weird for many people that some would be willing to live as nomads on Titan's surface, and I bet all the nanotech stuffed into our morphs makes some people pretty nervous, but aside from that I wanted to get a broader view of how people all over the system see us and hopefully clear up some misunderstandings. Please note that while we are members of the Titanian Commonwealth and involve ourselves in the Plurality I'm not here to wax politics, so lets keep that stuff out of things. Me, I love being a hulder. Titan might seem like an oil-covered wasteland to you, but I think it's beautiful in a way you won't find anywhere else this side of a pandora gate, and maybe neither on the other side. I'm always surrounded by my friends and family, always moving around with our faithful caribou herds and doing good, honest work for the people of the Commonwealth while we're at it. If we find a good spot, we sometimes create ice sculptures to show our appreciation for this life we live, and I hear a lot of people really enjoy those. Also, and that's probably just me due to way I lived before I became a hulder, but living like this seems, in it's own way, like a strange reflection of what human life was like in ancient times. Now, i know there might be a lot of things wrong with this comparison, but in some regards our life style does feel like that sometimes, and I mean that in a good way. Now, I doubt the good people on Profunda are going to create Titan-adapted versions of mammoths and saber-toothed-lions any time soon (the closest thing we have to predators are people sleeved in Ariel morphs, thoug sometimes they do get ideas and go after our caribou), I won't deny that something like that would be pretty cool. If anyone from Profunda reads this, you got my vote. I gotta admit, I spend so much time as a hulder that I feel weird when I use most other morphs. Despite the way they look hulder are actually biomorphs, but whenever I resleeve in another biomorph after a long time in my hulder morph I actually need to get used to eating again. Thankfully you can't forget how to breathe. I still have my original morph for when I need to head somewhere on Titan or nearby where it's too warm for hulders (because otherwise I'd have to wear a vac-suit with the cooling turned all-the way up, and that would be awkward)
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It's not a lifestyle I'd ever
It's not a lifestyle I'd ever choose for myself but well it's not hurting anyone and you're not trying to force it upon the rest of us so my attitude is basically live and let live.


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Honestly, hulder culture
Honestly, hulder culture sounds interesting to me. It's kind of the way I imagine Inuit culture was on Earth before the 20th century, maybe, just individuals and their herds on the frigid landscape. Note that this does not mean that I'd want that lifestyle. I'm a creature of the domes, thanks, happily so. Still, if others derive enjoyment from it, why not?
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I asked my muse but he told
I asked my muse but he told me it would be a good exercise in social communication to ask you, so.. What exactely are you people doing with those animals? I hear they search for chemicals, but isn't fabbing way easier? I mean there's nothing out there except carbon and hydrogen and that's basically the very definiton of abundant elements. And if there is something interesting why not just get some big ass excavation robot and strip mine everything? My muse tells me my first draft was not polite enough, hope this one's okay.
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Complex chemicals made of
Complex chemicals made of hydrogen and carbon. No sense wasting the energy to fab 'em if they're pre-fabbed, hey? To the original: given that I live in a bubble of water on the hull of a rimward barge, I'm not one to talk bad about anybody's lifestyle - and I'll admit that if anybody ever gets an biomorph octo that's adapted for swimming in Titan's lakes and all, I'll be one of the first to volunteer to go for a swim.
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You people orbit the third
You people orbit the third biggest chunk of hydrogen in the whole system? How do you say fusion power in Skandinaviska?