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Young and Old...

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Young and Old...
In many games there is an option to play characters that are physically very old or young, I was wondering if Eclipse Phase offers that option as well. Mind you, in this case I imagine that unless the character is a "Flat" or has some other reservations (personally or from their society) the limitations of their bodies isn't going to be as much an issue as fixed mental states from an old Ego or a lack of experience from a young Ego. Also is Neotany (keeping young traits) practiced by folks that resleeve into young morphs?
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Because people in Eclipse
Because people in Eclipse Phase are effectively immortal, character age isn't that much of a factor. There is an "Immortality Blues" trait for characters who are really old and tired of life. We don't offer rules for very young characters, though this is easily simulated by simply limiting the Customization Points available during character generation.

One of the morph options available are neotenics -- child-like morphs that emphasize inquisitiveness and are less resource-depleting.

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