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You Think There Will be Mesh Inserts in Real Life?

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You Think There Will be Mesh Inserts in Real Life?
I mean, Ectos are probably likely to appear in the next decade or so. But do you really think people will have surgery just so they can have 24/7 net access? Considering that a lot of people replace their smartphones every other year or so once the new model comes out I would expect a lot of infections from repeated brain surgery. And there's already a number of non-invasive brain/computer interfaces that are on the market (Star Wars Force Trainer, anyone?), I even recall an article about a company that was trying to hook one up to Google Glasses. The main advantage invasive interfaces have is precision, and even then it takes a long time to learn how to use them. I really don't see why anyone other than those with prosthetic limbs or maybe some drone pilots and really hard core gamers would get an invasive interface.
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I think that, in the beginning, people would be apprehensive, but as it gets smaller and less invasive, it would probably catch on.
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I want a viable Man Machine
I want a viable Man Machine Interface. How that occurs I am not to picky on as long as its efficient with minimal chance of rejection issues
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Why? Do you know something?? PUT IT IN MY THINKMEATS!
The first thing to realize is that even with the current trend towards planned obsolescence, repeated surgery wouldn't be a necessary consequence. This is because all the actual "inserts" have to do is interact with your braincells: at their core they're simply an I/O device, replacing your mouse, keyboard, speakers, monitor and so on. All the stuff we consider "upgradable", such as processor power, memory and so on, can be placed elsewhere. You could replace a section of the skull, or insert it under the skin if thin enough. For that matter, it wouldn't be a stretch to just connect the inserts to a low energy WIFI chip, and have all the upgradable stuff outside the body. As to the "why", it's because mesh inserts would (potentially) be the ultimate IO device. It's a full 3D monitor so massive it covers your entire field of view, with a resolution that hits (or maybe even exceeds) the limits of human vision, and speakers with perfect pitch and absolute positioning. You can type as fast as you can think, manipulate programs/data simply by "willing" the change instead of using a mouse as a proxy, and convert creations straight from your imagination into media files. Okay, those are extreme variants, but the difference between that and the basics is software, not hardware. On the other hand, even without any of the stuff above, inserts would allow more influence over your body, and could provide health information. Blood pressure, insulin levels and dietary deficiencies could be monitored in real time, whilst hormone and neurotransmitter levels could be manipulated to enhance mood and attention, re-enforce brainwave patterns, promote weight-loss/gain, prevent unwanted pregnancy and so on. I may be a tad zealous, but the ability to directly monitor and alter brain activity is one who's potential and importance cannot be overstated.
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