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Xenodeism details?

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Xenodeism details?
I'm just doing a quick check to make sure there aren't a lot of Xenodeism notes I'm missing. I'm planning to send my players to Haplopelma (gatecrashing p74) and my quick checks for Xenodeism in the various PDFs seems limited to a tiny bit on religions in the main book, and the listing for Haplopelma in gatecrashing. At this point I'm tending towards making them slightly nuts new-agers with a minor conspiracy angle. Humanity was uplifted by aliens (Factors are a leading contender here), etc. They will hold quasi-pagan styled ceremonies near the iktomi ruins (much as neo-druids hold ceremonies near stonehenge). My needs for the story is mostly as background, and as cover for the PCs to visit the world.
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Re: Xenodeism details?
John's the only one of us who's super interested in religions as anything other than hostile forces, so you're probably safe developing them in your own way.
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Re: Xenodeism details?
I determined for my game that largely organized religions vanished by the time the Fall hit. Well, perhaps the Jovies still have a clergy of some level, but pretty much everywhere else, it's gone. Sure there are still believers, but the most fundamentalist minded group were wiped because of their refusal to be backed up and/or resleeved. Those beliefs that resisted did because they were reformed at one point or another. AFIMC, Catholics are gone, plain and simple. Mormons became an hypercorp among thousands of other (albeit quite aggressive in their memetic strategies -seen Babylon AD?) And Islam being the new Judaism, Muslims seeing themselves as punish for their violent ways, the many paying for the sins of a few, some say. They claim God gave them a new mission: find a new Mecca and only when they do, they'll be forgiven. That's a reason why the Reformed Islam meme is strong among the Barsoomians, and Gatecrashers Xenodeism would be seen both as a tool AND a threat by Pathfinder. Who knows what kind of beliefs these new faiths can bring forth. Red Faction's Jonathan Hale and Dead Space's Reverend Altman (and the Unitology Church) give good exemple of what can be done with Xenodeism
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