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'X-Risks' pdf?


I would like to get the free pdf from Rob Boyle's blog 'X-Risks' as same as I did for the other sourcebooks. Is there a reason why is not available?

Thank you!

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It takes a while for them to

It takes a while for them to show up there.

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Exercise patience. Or pay for

Exercise patience. Or pay for it.

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I buy my PDFs. That way I get

I buy my PDFs. That way I get them sooner and it supports the company.

While I'm not against free samples and stuff, I think there comes a point where you should support something. Someone has to pay for the server and stuff, plus people need to eat. Something to think about.

You don't have to fork over cash. Maybe recommend a few friends who might pick up a copy, or help make some home brew content.

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Show your love with money with which our writers will buy beer.

I bought physical books for my guys, and a pdf.

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Don't get me wrong, but I'm

Don't get me wrong, but I'm spaniard and I'm only buying translated stuff. If it is in english I prefer to download it for free. I'm buying the core rule book in spanish though, that's how I'm supporting.

Thank you for helping!

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Or, since it's legally

Or, since it's legally permissible to redistribute (or at least I believe so: you'd need Posthuman to clarify but I believe everything's under CC now), find someone who's giving it away before Rob does. Can't fault a man for waiting to give away his livelihood for not living up to the CC ideals since the license means that literally anyone can give the book away.

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It defiantly floating around

It defiantly floating around but it feels rude to point them out on the official forum before Rob links them.

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they are free to redistribute

they are free to redistribute but its discouraged from publicly linking them on the forums

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To say nothing of the fact

To say nothing of the fact that many of the places you can legally get EP before its official free release are also places where illegal content is shared.

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Just got it from a friend. It

Just got it from a friend. It's brutal, fantastic, it makes me desire to buy it even if its in english :)

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The eclipse phase books are

The eclipse phase books are promoted as open source. Someone might buy for example the core book knowing that the rest of the books are legally accessible for free - something that he might not do if they weren't.
I think its ok to advise people to purchase instead of downloading for free - but don't think it is fair to judge people if they don't do so, especially if they bought a couple of books already.

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No, they're not open source.

No, they're not open source. They're Creative Commons licensed, which is very different. If you scan your book and release it, that's perfectly fine.If you buy the PDF and release it, more power to you. You bought it, you own it. But Posthuman has no obligation to release it for you, and they need to stay in business. I grump about philosophical differences I have with them now and again, but they absolutely have every right to make a profit on the hard work they put into these books.

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Of course they put a lot of

Of course they put a lot of work on them. I completely agree with not giving them for free. But I also support Rob Boyle's blog wich makes them spread on the Internet. I can assure you I'm buying every translated book because I love this game.

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I'd love to buy it all, but I'm on a budget

Just to throw my two credits into the ring, I'm one of those who would have never bought the core rulebook if I couldn't have downloaded the entire PDF first.

The way I see it, I have no problem waiting for a while to snatch a PDF from the blog rather than using one that I've found, because my criteria for putting money on it is 'do i want a physical book for the table?' (i don't use a laptop while running a game, so it's the only way I can access the rules). Unfortunately, this means that in the near future I'm only going to actually buy two books (Transhuman and the Morph Recognition Guide), because those are definitely getting used at the table. This doesn't mean I'm never buying the rest in hardback, I even plan on getting Transhumanity's Fate because I love the Fate system, but I just don't have the money to right now.

The real thing for me though, is that giving away the ability to share pdfs makes running a game so much easier. In my experience a group will generally only have one copy of the rules (normally the GM), occasionally two when I bothered to pick them up, so looking up rules is slow and most of the time only the GM understands how the game works (or potentially not even them, I once learnt more about the rules with five minutes on Wikipedia than the GM did in a month of having the book). However, with eclipse phase I can just send a copy of the PDF (out just the rules) to everybody in the group a week before the game, allowing everyone to understand how it works, or at least the basic mechanics, limiting the fighting over the one physical book.

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it also allows more players

it also allows more players to have their characters ready ahead of time for session 1

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ORCACommander wrote:it also

ORCACommander wrote:
it also allows more players to have their characters ready ahead of time for session 1

It depends, I like everyone building characters together because they can come up with how their characters know each other, but it is a significant benefit for players to be familiar with the character creation mechanics.

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maybe its just my luck with

maybe its just my luck with gaming groups but apart from "role" allocation there was never any real cross talk when making characters

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I'm getting a vibe that some

I'm getting a vibe that some worry about being thought as bad people for wanting free stuff. I try not to be judgemental about this stuff. I rather sit back and watch the results instead of being a naysayer. Does offering PDF copies of your product for free help business? Thus far, it hasn't killed their business, which is a good thing in my books.