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X-Risks Errata Thread

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X-Risks Errata Thread
Please post any typos, corrections, and errata items here. If you get them to us by Friday 7/1 afternoon (CST), we can fix 'em for the print version. Anything after that will go in the next PDF update. Thanks!

Rob Boyle :: Posthuman Studios

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Minor Nitpick
On Page 82, 'cold-stone bastards' should be 'stone-cold bastards' [img]http://i.imgur.com/TRLMUeF.png[/img] Either that or I have some very mistaken ideas about what goes on at OZMA
Did you hear the one about the guy who became a fence?
Spoiler: Highlight to view
They say he was a real posthuman
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OZMA fuckin' loves ice cream.
OZMA fuckin' loves ice cream.
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A few errors
Pg. 96: The Barbed Eel header overlaps Xenofauna Pg. 97: The Blister Beast header overlaps Xenofauna Pg. 104: The Dreadnought header overlaps Ultraviolet, which seems incorrect. Should be Tech?
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IL–4: SOLAR SYSTEM The entirety of the solar system is directly impacted. Likely to be additional impacts for future intelligent life around the [b]sun[/b].
I know you lower cased "sun" but would be more technical to change to star since in setting we are in multiple solar systems I have a an Operation name for Gamma Burst: Flickering Candle
and is [b]believedto[/b] be responsible for creating
Spelling Miss step :P
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Page 20. The term should
Page 20. The term should probably be "Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI)", not "Compartmentalized Secret Information (CSI)" because that would make it less secret, strictly speaking. For an ASI project, I would classify it TS/ECI/TITAN (Top Secret/Extremely Compartmentalized Information/TITAN) were I on the project, along with an internally identifying codeword.
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Page 21:
Page 21: "currency exchanges" should probably be "currency markets" because units of currency are bought and sold, not just swapped (there is a subtle but important difference in the mechanics and outcomes in banking).
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Page 23
Page 23 "..clearly took a different tack." Should that be "track," i.e., as in "evolutionary path?"
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Could be I suppose, but
Could be I suppose, but probably tack. As in direction that you're sailing in.
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X Risks Page 59 wrote:If
X Risks Page 59 wrote:
If there is any frisson between ships it is not something they discuss.
This should probably be friction.
X Risks Page 159 wrote:
Nanoswarms are not affected by vacuum, thought they must stick to surfaces to move and cannot hop or fly.
Thought should be though
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Page 27:
Page 27: "...a star would have to be within 20 and 30 light years..." I think that would be "20 or 30."
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Page 148/Page 190
Page 148/Page 190 Wastewalker is labelled as "Exsurgent" on page 148, but is under "TITAN" in the Threats by Threat Type table on page 190.
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"warning is not about seed
"warning is not about seed AIs bringing the Fall; it’s about what they are yet to do." Should be What have yet to do
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Page 125
Page 125 The "Niche" above "Echo IV" is missing.
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Page 68, paragraph 2;
Page 68, paragraph 2; "What if [b]the the[/b] reason the TITAN machines do not move beyond those zones" Page 118, paragraph 2; "When they enter [b]the their[/b] reproductive cycle" Page 167, 2nd last paragraph; "To overcome this, use surprise, trick [b]the the[/b] PCs into a close-quarters situation" Page 186, 2nd last paragraph; "years of planning and [b]the the[/b] labors of the faction as a whole" Also seeing as I logged in to post this I also just wanna say the book rocks, good work :)
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p179, Induce Error, "Out of
p179, Induce Error, "Out of combat, a target could accidentally save the wrong file file" (Repeats "file").
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P 144 the veiled leech
P 144 the veiled leech The text in the stat box looks narrower then the text in the other stat boxes. I've included an image of how it looks on my screen. Very sexy book and happy Canada Day everyone. [URL]https://imgur.com/Jz5UQDO[/URL]
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We have reached the drop dead
We have reached the drop dead deadline for corrections. Thanks for your help, everyone! (Corrected PDF coming fairly soon, unless my Canada Day festivities get a lot wilder than they currently are ...)
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grrr we need more review time
grrr we need more review time dominion? Though their machines and exsurgents ares still active, there is delete the extra S
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P 94 item 3: Classification
Page 94 item 3: Threat Levels indicate yellow-orange-red-ultraviolet. This breaks the pattern, as the frequency of light is decreasing/wavelength increasing for yellow-red, but then goes up in frequency and down in wavelength with ultraviolet. I'm all for a rational color coding system, but Ir R O Y G B I V Uv, and this is like counting 3 2 1 8.
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Cover Art in the Hack Pack?
Looks like the cover art is not included in the hack pack - wondering if this is a rights thing or oversight. Loving this book!
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The Flesh Party has psi 3,
The Flesh Party has psi 3, which should probably be reserved for the Async Flesh Party. The Fur coat has DUR 15 but DR 5, which means one of them is wrong.