writing up a campaign for the 1st time

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writing up a campaign for the 1st time

This is my 1st ever attempt at GMing any RPG ever just a warning here we go

opener: you have just woken up in a completly white room all you can see is 4 other people then the screen turns on and you hear a voice the person talking is shrouded in shadow he tells you that your misson is to get onto the astoroid below this ship and find out what the Shei-lung Triad is doing here. if you think they may have anything to do with absolutly anything to do with a threat to transhummanity do your job. it then cuts off and a ai in forms you that this body is an exactly replica of your real one and that theres a shuttle wating for you to get on your gear is on the table.

Plot: The Shei-lung triad is in the middle of a war between them and the 40k Triad to brake the stale mate the 40k have brought in a scientist who as the PCs find out likes chemistry and explosives but the PCs only know one half of the story the deal is actually the Shei-lungs and the 40k agents on the astoroid have no clue whats going on while all this is happaning one of the PCs will see one of the 40k agents and recognoze them form a past inccident like a bad trade or wanted poster depending on PC. all the while the Shei-lung know that all the members of the group are fire wall agents and not newbies at that. so take measures against them accordingly.

thats the basic plot. they can use any thing they want. will be running on friday. im trying to set it up as a one day session or maby 2 with a max of 4 players.

Feedback pls