Would Really Like Multiple Morph Support

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Would Really Like Multiple Morph Support

Bit frustrated by the one morph per character limit the Character Generator has, having more than one morph would definitely make character creation more flexible.

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"Yes, we will be more

"Yes, we will be more conscientious about updates going forward." -Jack Graham

I enjoy the slight irony here.

Ring, it's been clear for a while that expecting updates for Singularity is a simple exercise in disappointment. I'm not sure why Posthuman hates talking about it so much, but here we are.

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Alternatives with multi-morph support

Evidently they're taking Singularity open-source after EP2 comes out, so hopefully that means that someone will pick it up and begin maintaining it enough to allow for multi-morph support.

In the meantime, some alternatives that definitely have multi-morph support:

Next-Loop: This one has been around for a while, and seems to work very straightforwardly. I found it a bit frustrating in its inflexibility toward custom stuff, and also my uncertainty in how well it will deal with advancement. Support for, I think, up to one of each kind of morph, but otherwise arbitrarily many.

JMobius & Kindalas: This one has support for up to 3 morphs, and again has everything from before Transhuman programmed into it already. Again, not super fond of its having everything hard-coded, and you may be stuck waiting if you like this sheet but want the Transhuman content.

ShadowDragon8685: Support for at least two morphs; don't know more than that because I haven't tried actually building a character in it.
(can be found at the bottom of this thread)

Mine: Support for up to five morphs standard, and arbitrarily many with a little bit of tweaking (basically until Google Docs / Excel runs out of memory or sheets). This one does not have any of the book content already pre-loaded into it, which means that it is on one hand much more flexible, but on the other hand means that you must use an outside reference, perhaps several, while building character sheets.

There are a few others floating around - including one called Agency that I've been wanting to try, but for which I've never found a working download link.

Any of the several that I haven't listed here are those that I've skipped because they only support one morph.