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in-world music

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in-world music
Rob asked me earlier what Martian Nomad Pop is, so I sent him this link to Tuareg musicians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9N3Z8TjyX8&list=PLXvvblMANV8bRUePw9a63Y... Usually when we're playing EP, if there's mood music on, it's dark, ambient, electronic stuff, like the tracks Scott Fox did for us, or sometimes metal. I've also used Ennio Morricone's spaghetti western soundtracks for redneck Mars. I realized, though, that I don't play music that's actually in the game world very often. I'll definitely bust out the Tuareg playlist next time I have PCs in a nomad camp. Other music is hard to sneak into an EP session, though, because if players recognize it, it seems anachronistic. How about y'all; found any good in-world music to use in EP sessions?
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Micheal Mccann
I found music from the likes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and XCom (from 2012) to really suit some scenarios for games - particularly because of the composers diversity in his music and the themes embedded in those games (in particular).
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Old Vs. New
Some past music is going to present in EP culture. So what would be really interesting is what new kinds of music started getting made, both Pre and Post Fall.
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I don't tend to play music
I don't tend to play music during my games (though I probably should), but I have considered the type of music one would find. I imagine we'd still have the types of music we have today, and the most popular would likely still be known. I can't speculate on the styles of music that would be created, though I imagine anarchists would likely focus on improv and remixes, emphasizing the style and ability of the person playing.
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Music taking advantage of the
Music taking advantage of the expanded range of hearing from Enhanced Hearing would also probably be a number of entirely new musical experiences for transhuman audiences, or would really change the experience of listening to conventional music. Possible not in good ways.
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Hmm, on that note I wonder
Hmm, on that note I wonder how non-human morphs in general react to music. At the very least you've got different acoustics funneling the sound to your ear drums. Ahh, the soothing sounds of nails on a chalkboard.
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I usually put on Deltron 3030
I usually put on Deltron 3030 just because it's pretty thematically appropriate.
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Love it
Love that Taureg stuff. I'll be tuning some in at work this week for sure. I love Guilhem Desq's Electric Hurdy Gurdy. Makes me think of the kind of inventive Re-invention of traditional instruments some folk might be trying after the fall. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I67UexqArvY Also, a big fan of Kora playing and other non-standard instruments to western ears, and Electronic, Noise, waveform play.
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Added to playlists!
Nice. I'll listen to playlist but liking what I am hearing already. I could see it easily being used in some of the Arab sections. Seconding Guilhelm Desq for general listening. Found him recently when looking up hurdy gurdy music.
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jackgraham wrote:Other music
jackgraham wrote:
Other music is hard to sneak into an EP session, though, because if players recognize it, it seems anachronistic.
Really? Because I heard a remix of an Italian opera song that I first heard playing [i]Grand Theft Auto III[/i] as the lyrics to a commercial just an hour and a half ago. Before that by a few hours, I was in a Wawa, and I heard some low-rent cover of Jailhouse Rock. Remember, we are already in an era which is post-recording media. There's no reason to suspect that our music from today and yesterday is lost to the people of 2143. It's not anachronistic. It's just retro, or classical. Hell, in March 2008, they discovered the [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNTLqOWElL0]first known recording of a song[/url]. It was recorded 9 April, 1860. Taking as a given, for the sake of argument an "Eclipse Phase Start Date" of 1 January 2143 as the first day of 10 AF, there is [i]less[/i] time between now and EP Start (45,822) than there is between the first recorded song and today's date (19 July 2017; 57,445 days.) So yes, you're likely to hear someone in Eclipse Phase listening to some kind of neo-whale rendition of a neo-avian's cover of a famous scandanavian neoliberal commune singer from the 2090s, or something that an anarchist angernator neo-synth rapper put out an amount of time best described as the speed-of-light transmission lag between his hab and yours. You're just as likely to hear [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WU6DpFFWTM]The Crue[/url], or [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuqF_LC_U7Y]The King[/url] or [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho9rZjlsyYY]Johann Sebastian Bach[/url].
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I would imagine music
I would imagine music curation plays an important role in the EP setting. Since they have over 200 years of recorded media to trawl through, the audiophiles who are most up for the challenge are probably the habs most popular DJ's. If one of these music geeks is a fan of late 20th centuary rock music, it wouldn't be uncommon for Metallica to be blaring from the public speakers. Maybe acoustic guitars are making a come back with Martian youths? Maybe there is a Scum barge out there that is really into Abba?Although this music is ancient, it will be a new experience for plenty of egos out there.
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I too must say thank you for
I too must say thank you for introducing me to tinariwen.
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Diegetic music?
Do you mean "diegetic music"? (A fancy word that means "music coming from the narrative world itself", e.g. Johnny Cash here in this clip from "The Wire": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ8RK_k-K2Y ) I've thought about this a lot, but it is always incredibly difficult for me: I cannot even anticipate tomorrow's music, much less the music of tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow. The PCs in our games thus end up always having an odd penchant for music from the late 20th to early 21st Centuries :D Like that one song by Tenacious D, "The Greatest Song in the World" (the joke/point of the song being the song itself isn't the best song, but is referencing an unheard greatest song), we end up referencing a lot of AF-era pop groups, but never actually hearing them. There is a music genre generator here that's pretty fun: http://jbdowse.com/genres Also, my GM and I have a habit of including name drops to popular music of the Fall era in our games (*waves hi to uwtartarus*): [*] "Jade Talon" a Beijing punk band--one of their earliest performances got recorded on a recovered iPhone S11 [*] "Peri Coven", an Anglo-Turkish band [*] "ambient witch kwaito" electronic music genre popular around the south of Africa (e.g. Mozambique), sounds a bit like witch house So, grasping at straws, what the hell *would* I play in my best attempt to sound like something out of EP? I dunno, maybe... [*] microtonal music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PYbIPaW_eg I remember that being a big genre in "Transhuman Space" [*] MIA (Sri Lankan hiphop artist) will be ancient news by the time of AF10, but I am imagining pop stars in the time of EP being, if anything, very MIA-esque https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewRjZoRtu0Y [*] music from, like, China becoming big in, say, Nigeria. Not even bothering to appeal to normative US music audiences. (I can't think of many examples because I am sorta, by definition, out of the target audience (in my defense, my music tastes aren't particularly normative for an American)). But, like how Hollywood movies now are appealing to Chinese audiences as much as domestic audiences (e.g. the WoW film) for a bonus: here is "Look Around You"'s look at the future of music, judged by the ghost of Tchaikovsky: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBI0nfclf547Fgx-JnW2JWDa5eRRkLqDq
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The Girl From Ipanema - Mosquito Whine Remix.
In-universe music is hard, simply because fashion in general is notoriously hard to predict. I personally tend toward mixes of old and modern styles (Lindsey Stirling and other electric violin artists, Symphonic Dubstep, that sort of thing) both due to my own preferences and because cadences and note combinations work because of how they interact with human physiology/psychology, not cultural events or politics. When writing, I try to listen to something which makes my mood echo what I want in the scene – if it's an exoplanet, I'll listen to something that makes me feel lonely or lost for example. Genre and style is less important than getting into the right mindset, so Celtic or JPop is just as valid as Futuristic Electronica. I've had some pushback against having music playing whilst playing, but I think movie soundtracks or more ambient stuff is good, simply to prevent the players being distracted from the action. This is my biggest issue with Scott Fox's work – that stuff [i]intrudes[/i].
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Personally my hearing is such
Personally my hearing is such that if there is music playing in the same room, it means i often cannot hear where the GM is saying. That's crippling to be able to have a good time when you're only able to hear half of what's going on.
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