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Working with a Synthmorph

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Working with a Synthmorph
<#Civic-net public request topic; Author @Packfather> I'm having a problem with this recent resleeving, and was hoping to get some help. The main issue being? I've never been in a synthmorph in my life until now, and it feels ...Fake, to put it into the right words, fake and constraining. It's a slithernoid for dealing with Venus expeditions and I just woke up a bit ago, we're all trying to right ourselves down here and get used to the new bodies, and so far it's been a mess. One of my crew's literally crying, the others are falling over themselves or staying in their cots as they adjust; and my issues are ...Well.
  1. A lot of muscle memories are biting me in the ass. I try to blink, I don't feel eyelids and it takes a microsecond to remember I'm using optical sensors, I almost feel like I'm asphyxiating with the lack of breathing. Touch feels ...Fake, it's not a sensation, it just feels like I'm being TOLD how this floor feels, how cozy this cot is, told in a monotone, dead-pan ...data way. How do you work around years of organic habit?
  2. No physical gender: I don't feel comfortable by all accounts, being neuter. As someone who identifies as Male Primalis, without something just feeling present or heavy in some kind of groin area I feel just ...Naked, open, exposed or vunerable. Is this normal to wearing one's first synthmorph?
  3. Honestly? I just feel Heavy Like half of me is dead, metal weight and I'm dragging myself around like some kind of chore. Does this feeling fade eventually?
Any advice from veterans with synthmorphs and sliteroids? I would really appreciate it, mates. ALSO! Think my friends would enjoy milk and mashed rice? I would always do it for my resleevings to give the bodies an annaprashana, make the new samsara cycle feel legitmate, aye? Or will they just think it's tacky and imposing of me? [Written and edited by Spotter, muse]
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From my (infrequent) use of
From my (infrequent) use of synthmorphs: 1. Conciously practice using your morph's components and start straight away. Don't wait until you need them to do so. 2. I can empathise. Lack of genitalia is something I endeavour to avoid. That said, it sounds as if this is a temporary situation which you should bear in mind. If you don't have a definite end date, then begin saving/currying favours for a biomorph. 3. Similar to point one, I recommend conciously trying to "feel" the feedback. Mindfulness techniques are quite useful in this regard.
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Synthmorph 101
#Mesh Login: Fixer# Hello there. I couldn't help but see your post requesting help. As someone who's sleeved into quite a few morph, including exotic ones, I know that integrating can be rather though. The first thing you should look in is if the patches have been applied correctly. When sleeving, what can be called mental patches are applied, which helps with the integration process, such as removing old reflexes. I do know that some lower end resleeving clinics can skip on them as they don't want to pay for any licences or they don't care. If they haven't been used, get them, now. You can find some on Open source libraries if you're not ready to spend for the high end ones. How high are your sensory feedback settings? People tend to forget that they are adjustable on synthmorph, which helps acclimating to the different perception range (Such as being covered in cameras or chemo-receptors) By what you say, your setting might be very low. As for the gender thing, you get used to it. Although I am myself rather gender fluid when it come to sleeving, the shock of different body parts and bio-chemisty (or lack thereof) remains. A slithernoid was probably not the best choice for a first sleeve. It is usually easier to start with human-shaped morph as they are closer to what people are used to. I'm personally not a fan of them, as they are rather slow and cumbersome.
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Uh ...tits, a lot of this is going over my head... What components? Internal ones? The limbs? Both? Just try to move all my moveable parts until they feel right? I honestly picked the sliternoid because I'm used to walking quadped, seemed like a short transition. Will mental patches fuck up my ...Well, self? Do they imprint on the ego and will need reverting when I go back to my old body so I don't forget to breath and blink? [Written and edited by Spotter, muse]
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The patches won't alter who you are, they temporarily inhibit certain feelings and reflexes; blinking, breathing as well as lower the feelings of dysphoria until they are easily manageable and you are no longer struggling with continuity issues. They're normally applied automatically at most clinics but as I said, some of them 'forget' to put them. Synthmorph takes more time to get used to, but once you do, they're just as comfortable as meat to wear, if not more due to the removal of certain bad experiences. If you really can't handle it but you still need to be in a robotic body, get a synth mask. You get the ability to do everything you normally do in flesh-and-blood morphs; Sex, breathing, drinking and etc. Then there's also the option of going through psychosurgery, but a lot of people are uncomfortable with that prospect.
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It's Venus!
I don't know, mate? I guess this expedition's in a rush? I'll start looking for some basic ones if they're only shell-deep. I'd adore a synthmask and I could solve the cock problem that way, but hey. Venus. It'd last like fifteen seconds. Still appreciate the help! Ace! [Written and edited by Spotter, muse]
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Gettin' clanky
Huh. Seems like you are a bit time-deprived, but well done for asking. Way too many people try tough it out and then trip over themselves when the shit hits the fan. Pro tip: don't do this. Your teammates will be really, really pissed off if they are lucky enough remember it. I was grown into the metal myself, but I've worked with a lot of organic-origin egos who have had to sleeve into synths. The main thing is always the sensorium, you don't have the inherent fuzziness inherent in biomorph senses, so right now your mind is trying to do its normal organic trick of imagining what it can't see- but that is clashing with the fact that your pixel-perfect eyes actually can actually see everything. Multiply that by the number of senses you have online. Fastest way I've seen people get over that is to sleep on it. No, really. Right now you have probably been online since you sleeved, and why not? Metal doesn't get tired; we're awesome like that. But your ego isn't optimized for on-the-fly feedback integration (unless you get some sweet psychosurgical hacks, but you don't have time right now). Download a reliable sleep-emulator, exercise using all your senses and limbs, and run the program. Should take about 10 minutes, and your ego should integrate a chunk of your morph's functionality. Good luck down there, and take note of your morph's system status- you're not going to feel pain, so you're not going to notice damage immediately.
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Ikky wrote:
Ikky wrote:
Honestly? I just feel Heavy Like half of me is dead, metal weight and I'm dragging myself around like some kind of chore. Does this feeling fade eventually?
Sounds like they didn't calibrate the slitheroid's somatic effector module to your ego. Can you find the efferent coefficient in the settings? Try ramping it up a bit, but slowly - higher means the morph actuators move with more power to the same simulated neural impulse. If you don't have access to the settings, there's plenty of hacks for it floating around. They're mostly for pod cyberbrains, but you should be able to integrate them without too much hassle. Have your muse look for ravishment hacks for pleasure pods, there's plenty of kinky cats that want their bottom to struggle feebly. You just want to increase the efferent coefficient, not lower it.
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Gotta run!
Shit, I'll try to get a sleep emulator too, honestly this second? I don't got the time and need to start shoving rice down my mate's throats. Going to play with these body settings while I'm at it. Honestly ..I don't be thinking I'll be trying a synth again after this unless I REALLY gotta. Still appreciate all the expert advice! [Written and edited by Spotter, muse]
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I hope the synth morph works
I hope the synth morph works out for you. It's kind of funny though, I'm also in my first synth (hell my first morph unless you count my birth body) and after growing up and working without any kind of augmentations (no cranial computer, no muse, no nothing) and doing a lot of combat in battle suits, which I always found clunky, my synth feels incredibly smooth and efficient. I am still getting used to it though and I expect the excitement and novelty will wear of sooner or later. I wish I could provide some tips on how to deal with your morph, but it's all new to me as well, and the above posts seem to have that well in hand anyhow. I've just been taking it day by day and growing used to it.