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Wings and Gravity

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Wings and Gravity
Wings: Wings enable the morph to fly at Earth/Venusian gravities if small (child-sized) and light, or at low gravities if human-sized or larger. Tests made while flying use the Flight skill. Most wing designs are transgenic and based on bat-wing physiology, so they may be easily folded when not in use. Though the Movement Rate depends on the morph in question and the particular design, a standard Movement Rate is 8/40. Neo-avians have wings by default, as part of their physiology. (Moderate)
Does Mars qualify as low gravity or is it too close to Earth/Venus gravity? Mars is 0.37 G (Earth is 1 G and Venus is 0.90 G)?
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That's about a third of the
That's about a third of the gravity, so I'd say yes.
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You could only fly inside
You could only fly inside though. Outside the pressure is too low.
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Pressure is too low? Got it.
Pressure is too low? Got it. That's a bummer. But still works for the character, a Zone Stalker sleeved in a Crasher morph outfitted with wings. So they'll be able to fly around Elysium but not outside in The TQZ. Thanks!
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The Lunar flyer morph, the
The Lunar flyer morph, the preemminent winged morph, flies at Earth air pressure in 0.2 Gs. On Mars, larger wings or a smaller morph would allow for sustained flight instead of simply allowing long bounds or glides. Wings are not the best idea for Mars, but an implanted jet pack would be gillette.
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I am so sorry..
So with the right mods and location you could not just have, but [em]be[/em] pigs that fly! Gotta love this game!
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