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Why is a gamma fork worse than a delta fork?

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Why is a gamma fork worse than a delta fork?
It may seem as an odd question, but why is a gamma fork rubbish "vapor" while a delta fork is functional? It just seems odd to have an order of A->B->D->C. Was there some thought behind this design because it seem to make it more difficult to remember since it doesn't follow the logical order. Just curious is all.
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Because stupid westerners and
Because stupid westerners and our forgetting that the Greek alphabet does not follow the order of ours.
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Uh... delta forks were a
Uh... delta forks were a years later more sophisticated development after alpha/beta/gamma terminology was entrenched. Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.
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Yeah my guess is that they
Yeah my guess is that they used the latin alphabet for reference. So they figured hey, ABDG, that's in order. Alpha Beta Delta Gamma! Unfortunately greek is Αα Ββ Γγ Δδ. Alpha Beta Gamma Delta. They didn't catch it until after the first release, so they couldn't change it. As for an in world reason, I like NewtonPulsifer's explanation. Alternatively the Hypercorp in game who first coined the terms, made the same mistake.
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I'm glad it's not just me who
I'm glad it's not just me who think this was a mistake, but I'll go with NewtonPulsifier's idea to explain it in-game.
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Pff! Like it's us stoopid westerner's fault the greeks don't know their ABG's? Whatevs!

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