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Why is this forum locked?! I had more feedback!

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Why is this forum locked?! I had more feedback!
[i][b]Worry not, forumites! The reason this forum is currently locked is a good one![/b][/i] The Open Playtest period is over. We have gotten a lot of very good feedback and need some time to process and apply it all. We've locked the forums so we have a firm set of suggestions to work with and so your work on giving us feedback won't be accidentally ignored and go to waste. Hang onto your thoughts! This is NOT going to be your last chance to give us feedback! During the Backer Preview there will be more opportunities for feedback, so please keep an eye on your backer updates if you're a backer or keep an eye on the forums for announcements. We will let you know when we're ready for the next round of review. Thank you all for helping us make this next edition spectacular!
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