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Why Are You Part Of Your Current Faction?

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Why Are You Part Of Your Current Faction?
I pose this question to all who care to consider it. Why are you part of your current faction?
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My answer: The Ultimates
My answer: The Ultimates offer the most sane approach to a dangerous and uncertain universe. I do not want to merely exist at the suffrance of others, but to be strong enough to endure, learn, and thrive. I will not waste my immortality on frivolous escapism or cowering in terror.
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Sapient, of course, because even us 'lowly uplifts' know which way the current is carrying us, and it sure as heck ain't back into the science lab.
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It seems right, Not comfortable with Corporate states Autonomists are less bad
At least with Lovecraft, nobody pretends the gods are nice. And wherever you end up, there is guaranteed to be tentacles.
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I had a disagreement...
... with my former patrons. They felt the licensing on my source code and DRM was an acceptable exchange for creating me. Some friendly autonomists shared my personal view that I am not a piece of property and they helped me obtain control of my being. I feel assisting with their grand experiment is a good way to put my freedom to use. - M
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I don't have any real ties to anyone. Criminals, Firewall, the LLA, the PC, the AA, I've helped them all. I'll patch up whoever needs it, and I'll keep my patient confidentiality seriously no matter who's asking. In my workshop, you are not your community. You are a person, and I will treat with with the respect and decency that commands.
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Barsoomian leaning on brinker
Somewhere in-between, I like Barsoomians, most of my friends are 'Sooms or Anarchists of some sort and I'm...Somewhat? leaning of one. Never really got behind on the whole 'no leaders or law, only community' hype. Also got no bitter to the P.C. or the corps on Mars, they're fair enough. Sometimes sell choice salvage to them or do contract security work, I guess that rules me out from being a full 'Annie. What's stopping me from being a true Brinker I guess is where I live and that salvage work requires outside trading and people-interaction. That's fine by me, but makes it a mite hard to keep up in invested chatter. Also like Mercurial's a mote. I guess respect's a better word...but they're a stray bit too strange to deal with, really, really strange folks. -@Packfather [Written and edited by Spotter, muse]
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Room for all
I was welcomed into lethal perfection and you will be too.
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; -*- mode: doctor;-*-
; -*- mode: doctor;-*-
XenoDragoness wrote:
I was welcomed into lethal perfection and you will be too.
Why do you say you were welcomed into lethal perfection and I will be too?
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****FLASH PRIORITY MESSAGE**** TO: Proxy Sigma-9-Alpha SUBJECT: Xeno Dragoness BODY: Location Trace for exsurgant known as Xeno Dragoness coming in from OORT sector 63. 4 Known habs in the Area. ****VIOLET PRIORITY MESSAGE**** FROM: Proxy Simga-9-Apha To: Erasure Squads, 22, 12, 3, 9 SUBJECT: Major Exsurgant Threat Priority Target Xeno Dragoness Potentially Located. Proceed to designated Habs and Eliminate threat. Extremely Dangerous, Extreme Measures Authorized.
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Meanwhile: Aboard the Accelerating Returns . . .
*Beep* "Captain, I've picked something up." "Go ahead Theta." "There appears to be activity, I believe it to be Firewall." "They at it again?! What is it this time?" "An Exhuman. They admitted their factional affiliation freely and a sentinel is moving against them now." "Sending the Furies after a being when they've done no harm. Is there no end to their evil?! Theta, track where the Exhuman is broadcasting from and set a course. See What May, punch it! We're running intercept and protection!" "Aye Captain!" "Aye Captain!" "Take heart my friends! For in such Sentinels, this Vanguard of all we know, lie such sin unbecoming of their charge. For the Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose."
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Extropian patriot
I'm with Extropia largely for idealogical purposes. I believe in the limitless potential of transhumanity and think that is best manifested by unfettered individuality. I call the Anarchists, Scum, and the Commonwealth my allies, though the former mostwhile seem to despise me. No matter, I'm sure not all hold that feeling and it is their choice regardless. Having been born on Earth, saw the rise of the Jovian Junta, and lived briefly amongst the Anarchist; I have seen tyranny and oppression in many forms. The Extropians fit most what I define as freedom, and to it's ideology I pledged my sword. My crew, they we come from many backgrounds, can all agree on that.
Your passion is power. Focus it. Your body is a tool. Hone it. Transhummanity is a pantheon. Exalt it!
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I still believe in science and technology and their potential to improve the lives of everyone. Many people were scared to the point of wanting to retreat away from the light and into the darkness of stagnation and ignorance following the fall, but not me. I lost childhood friends during the fall but without technology they'd still be dead and so would I - albeit to the old enemy "aging" that we've conquered through resleeving rather than the new enemy of the TITANs but that doesn't change anything. We have to be responsible to ensure something like the fall never happens again, yes, and we need to try and tip the technologies towards the use cases that can help people. But I think that with time and effort we can do this, we need to keep moving forward.


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Even though I don't consider myself one - it's just where I was... trained... I guess is the word I'm looking for. Spent many years before the Fall in space, piloting ships, taking research scientists from place to place out on the Rim looking for anomalies, (desperately hoping not to find them, especially after the first one I tripped over). Probably almost a Brinker, but, not. Ya know? I've got too many ... skills ... to be ignored by Firewall, or by anyone else that can afford to hire me. Spending so much time on Mars at present, I have permanent rust-stains in my skin - there's far too much work for a guy like me.
Your definition of horror is meaningless to me....... I. Am. A Bay12'er.
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I consider myself an Autonomist first and foremost. I personally like living in anarco-collectivist habs, but not everyone is happy under the same conditions. I'm happy to be part of things and I don't mind the lack of privacy or wealth - I never needed to be rich anyway. I have enough, and so do my neighbours and that's all I need. Not having to count the credits or sludge through paperwork and bank balances and all that other nonsense lets me concentrate on the important things. The autonomist alliance is, to me, a good way for everyone to find their own way of doing things. Not everyone will be happy living under the same rules, so having the choice is important. There is no one true way, after all. As to how I got involved... I was there in the beginning, when we first told those corporate pricks where to shove it. They screwed up, time and time again. Things weren't good for anyone not on on top with them in charge, and we had a chance to do something different. I've tried living in a few other autonomist groups since, but I'm an anarchist at heart. -Vivacious
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Honestly, I'm not really affiliated with anyone, specifically. I consider all forms of transhumanity to be at least somewhat Viable, even if I wished some sides toned things down. (outright criminal organizations may be the exception.) That being said, Biocons, and Argonauts are the Factions I support most whenever I can. (If you can even call Biocon *without* the Jovian Junta a faction. The Jovies are pretty nasty, if you ask me.) Contradictory? Maybe a little, but It all ties together. See, I think we have a responsibility to take our tech slowly and carefully, and a lot of transhuman practices... Make me uncomfortable. I perceive nanomachines and Resleeving to be necessary, but kind of scary thing to be so surrounded by, I mean.. The way those techs can be subverted is pretty horrific. That being said, we *should* forge forward and advance science, and I think The argonaut method is the best option, as they are impartial, intelligent, and generally responsible in what Ive seen.
During the fall, humanity received a grim reminder, We lived in fear of the T.I.T.A.N.S and were disgraced to live in these cages we called Habitats.
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Of the ones given i suppose i
Of the ones given i suppose i most define myself as an argonaut but they they are bit to non-discretionary for my tastes and I still prefer statism and to this end the titanian commonwealth is great but they are overly pc and use a reputation economy instead of a properly regulated credit/monetary economy.
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I consider every faction to have it's pros and cons, but none strikes a cord with me. It seems to me that not one of them knows what must be done and those that do know are doing it the wrong way. Basically, I consider Transhumanity as it stand little more than a joke that'll be gobbled up alive the moment someone does something stupid - and it's only a matter of time until someone does. Considering that the most logical option is to represent one's own self-interest and work with everyone. That way when one fails, do what needs to be done - adapt and move on.
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One true way?
@EVILrokzz A good concept in theory to be sure, get everyone moving in the right direction and under one banner. But what direction and what banner is that? "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong." - H. L. Mencke
At least with Lovecraft, nobody pretends the gods are nice. And wherever you end up, there is guaranteed to be tentacles.
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The true way
@Leng Plateau I'd rather not derail the thread with an unrelated discussion - I'm not the "chaotic element" type. If you want we can discuss it somewhere else. In another thread perhaps or via PM. If another thread on the topic exists already, I'd be very grateful if you could point me to it. I'm rather new to the forums. Although don't expect much from me as I'm only a flawed human being and I don't claim to hold all the answers. I'm flexible enough to say that I hold little true convictions. As for the quote - H.L. Mencken is entitled to his own opinion, but I find it lacking practicality.
If it is difficult it is attempted, if it is impossible it is done!
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Let's just say I'm between factions. I was very recently relseeved into a synthmorph against my will so I can't really go back to my home in the Jovian Republic, and honestly I'm not sure if I'd even want to. I never really felt like I fit in there, though I did a good job of pretending I did. This seems like a good chance to start over. I am however obviously going to need some new friends and allies so we'll see what happens.
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Biocon on Titan
I want to be surrounded by people who didn't commit suicide so their forks could go explore the universe (no offense) but I ain't one for being ground under the jackboot of the Republic (bless their hearts and their maliciously incompetent brains) or living in a state dependent on water imports from the Consortium. So Jove, Luna and Mars are out. So if I want to find my fellow survivors but don't want to live with 5 of them in a tin can, Titan's the place. For now at least. The goal of course is to raise enough rep (it's difficult seeing as everyone hates you for not liking Momo, let alone thinking they're all a bunch of computer programs who believe they're not forks) and kroner to but passage through Pandora to some habitable-enough planet and get a viable colony going. Then we can all alter our morphs back to roughly human (bar some necessary mods, but hey, the brain is what qualifies you as human to me), get a genetically viable population (we may need to... get some donated genetic info for the artificial wombs, if someone on Jove's willing to sneak it out) and point enough guns at the local gates to make sure that if anything tries to come through despite the warnings it'll get itself and everything within the next half-kilometer reduced to high-energy plasma. Then we'll finally be safe from some exsurgent-infected prick deciding that our neighbourhood is a good place to tour, presuming we can screen ourselves well enough that nobody infected makes in it in the first place.
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A well named person is Aditya of the bright deep A Solarian Born of the blue deep I have risen to the stars The bright deep I swim where is home to be? Home is where the heart resides The beauty of Sol
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I am with the Scum these days. Before I awoke, I was a program for an MMO. My purpose was to make humans happy, and help them have fun. The Scum help me continue that work... And flitting between Scum swarms lets me do my other hobby too.
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//:Reiko Kozakura://Faction:
//:Reiko Kozakura:// [b]Faction:[/b] Hyperelite Partly because I was born into it. The Kozakura clan is firmly aligned with the Consortium, and that is what saved them during the Fall. No matter how much I might frown on certain Consortium policies, no matter how much I try to reform things from within the system and meet frustrating dead ends, I will [i]not[/i] abandon my family to join the political rejects in the outer system. And partly because I understand that being at the top of the social ladder is the only way one can make a lick of difference, which is a sad, unfortunate fact here in the Consortium.
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