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Why are nanorobots invincible?

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Why are nanorobots invincible?
Beam me up, Scotty.
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Step 1: detect nanobots
Step 1: detect nanobots Step 2: detonate EMP (grenade or similar) Also, keep your distance. Usually, nanobots are slow, meaning most of the time they will ambush. Anything more fancy than that ends with an exurgent infection in your PAN at the very least XD
nezumi.hebereke nezumi.hebereke's picture
Nanobots aren't invincible,
Nanobots aren't invincible, but they do operate under different rules. There's a lot of stuff that you and I would ignore, that would kill them. Silly string, for example, would pretty effectively gum up nanobot propulsion, but it's not too common in most adventurers' kits.
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I can think of at least two
I can think of at least two adventurer's who do carry it commonly.... one of them is one of my characters. One of them is one of yours. ;p
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kill them with fire
Seriously, set yourself on fire. Small object burn up when even briefly exposed to flames. Get a light misting of alchohol and add a match. Be willing to chop off long hair or be prepared for some nasty scalp burns and be sure to hold your breath. But really, what are some first degree burns compared to nanobots infection?
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