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Why are asyncs so RARE?

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I just want to chip in on
I just want to chip in on this thread with my favourite Eclipse Phase setting answer for "Why not x?" which is...well, it's only been 10 years. Maybe in your own campaign, x (whether x = mass async infection, fork armies, etc) is only a prolonged Planetary Consortium memewar overcoming public distaste/aversion/hatred/fear away from being a publically disclosed ongoing project! Talk about a solar system in the [b]eclipse fuckin' [i]phase[/i][/b].
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Two possible reasons
Two possible reasons One possibility is that the development of psi is a result of defeating the infection, so by the time you have psi slights there is no more virus in your body. This would also explain why being an async is never mentioned as being contagious. Another possibility is that you do have the virus in your body, but the virus mutates a lot, so when you isolate your virus and infect someone else they almost always become infected with the Haunter virus. Thanks for giving such a great motivation for a bio-terrorist!