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Where were you when Earth Fell

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Where were you when Earth Fell
Here are 2 intreresting character questions i've started asking when running little mini games of Eclipse Phase (because my players are frightened of anything that doesn't use a D20), just to raise there interest & get them psyched for the game. 1. Where was your character when Earth Fell? 2. How did Firewall get interested in you as a agent/What was your first interaction with firewall?
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Re: Where were you when Earth Fell
I ran a brief prelude for each of my characters based on an idea from the Hot War RPG (http://www.contestedground.co.uk/hotmain.html). I asked the players to describe a scene or event from The Fall that did 3 things: 1. Established a fact about The Fall. 2. Presented a challenge for their character. 3. Allowed the other players to participate in the scene. I then got them to run the scene and just nudged it in general directions. I also asked them to provide me with 3 contacts, 3 enemies and 3 plot hooks for each character (stolen from 7th Sea) and three images, either a description of a scene or an actual image, that they would like included in the game some way. G.
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Re: Where were you when Earth Fell
As for why there involved with firewall I had my players approached due to there skill sets and reclaimer loyalties. As for where they were during the fall I think I'll bring this up next game, for everyone but the Lost Async.
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Re: Where were you when Earth Fell
I like to tie my players characters in as much as possible whenever I GM games, so I tend to have them try and fill out a Ten Minute Background thing. Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character. Step 2: List at least two goals for the character. At least one of these goals should be one that the character has, while another should be one that you, as a player, want to see developed over the course of the game. Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet. This will help me in creating plots that center around your character. I will also be creating a third secret which you as a player will not be aware of, so expect some surprises! Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile. If you like, you can include an enemy of yours here as well, so I have an instant NPC nemesis to throw at you. Step 5: Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has. They don't have to be elaborate, but they should provide some context and flavor. I think I might add Why are you in Firewall/What did you do during the Fall to that.