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Where have you been?

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Where have you been?
What book listed locations (Any of the 3 main books) have your adventures taken you to? Ignoring the ones that are only found in the adventure PDF's. If you're using homemade locales, what factions/location of the system are they? Fresh Kills, and Vo Nguyen. (used the Lunar Cyclar in Sunward for a mini-module in between as well) Soon to be at Portal (Gatecrashing). Via Pandora Gate I've also used Locus in Glory. Where have your adventures taken you? I'm really curious as to what parts of the system see use amongst the playerbase. Are many stations virtually untouched? Has anyone gone to Meathab or mahogany? Similarly, I'm curious as to what places get the least use. PS: Apologies if there's already a thread like this somewhere.
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Re: Where have you been?
The game that I'll be running for some friends of mine here in a couple of weeks will be set primarily in and around Noctis-Qianjiao, Mars.
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Re: Where have you been?
Our game is starting on Post Fall Earth and will soon end up on Venus.
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Re: Where have you been?
Two years of EP have had my groups sent all across the Solar System, and since Gatecrashing came out, beyond. We had a very brief stint on Meathab. Spent 12 months real time touring the Martian cities (Killing Overwatch agents, mostly). 6 months real time touring Titan (Stopping Ozma bring down the Commonwealth). A session spent on Earth was fun, then a session spent on a TITAN replica of Earth (Through one of the Gates). We haven't been on Sol yet, but I have plans to run a Solarian adventure. The other 5 or so months have mostly been spent on the other side of a Pandora gate (Saving the day by killing the Factors).
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Re: Where have you been?
My campaign is kicking off in the shadow of the Space Elevator on Olympus Mons. From there, I'm not sure. Could be going upward or throughout Mars, naturally depending on the characters and who they manage to piss off. With an omnicidal singularity-seeking AGI in the group, I'm sure it will be many. I love the inner system though. The planetary consortium is my kind of town, even if they haven't learned enough from the extropians. And toying with the LLA/Jovians could be fun. I don't think the outer system will see too much use, but I wouldn't mind if it did. Priorities of interest: 1) Mars and the PC 2) Jovian 3) LLA 4) Outer System 5) Exoexploration
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Re: Where have you been?
Our EP game has been running for about a year. Our team so far has visited: 1) Several locations on Mars, including the TQZ, Hellas Planitia, Noctis-Qianjiao and Mt. Olympus for various jobs 2) The NEO 433 Eros for some prisoner recovery 3) Shackle on Luna for some art thievery 4) Qing Long station for some seafood recovery 5) Extropia for some R&R 6) A habitat on 2309 Mr Spock to steal the Secret of Eleven Herbs and Spices 7) Progress station to transport some POTUS 8) Current stuck beneath the ice under Europa to resolve some scientific expedition gone wrong.
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Re: Where have you been?
My gaming group has been around Saturn quite a lot in the main campaign - Titan, Phelan's Recourse, various ring habitats and a few moons. Brief visits to Luna, Pandora and a longer one to Extropia. Forks of some of the characters are adventuring on Mars, mainly the outback around Olympus and the TQZ. A separate campaign/adventure occurred mainly in orbit around the sun about 1 AU out. A third campaign/adventure (Indigo Latitude) occurs at Jupiter.
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Re: Where have you been?
Off the top of my head, top locations for my games include Mars and Martian Orbit. One game I played in rather than GMed was set on Planet, from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, which was certainly a novel experience, though it didn't last long.