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When the sh*t hits the fan...

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When the sh*t hits the fan...
Marc (Sentinel agent):”Hi honey, I’m home!” Jessica (Girlfriend):”Hi Marc, we need to talk…” Bob (Marc's Muse): “Sir, I don’t like the sound of her voicepattern. I guess we have been compromised.” *Marc feels his guts turning inside out but adjusts it with Endocrine Control* M: “What is it hon? Is something wrong?” J: “Marc, stop insulting my intelligence. I want to know the truth, this time. I can’t take it anymore.” *A hologram collage emerges in the room which shows pictures, names and scenes of the rest of Marcs Firewall-team* B: “With all due respect and excuse for the bad language, Sir; But, SHIT, we HAVE been compromised, Sir!” J: “Just exactly, WHO, is this woman, Marc? You told me last time that she is a college of yours by name Rhonda Shears. But I happened to found out that her REAL name is Malin Fredriksson and NOT from Mars. She is from TITAN and is an Anarchist. AN ANARCHIST MARC??? What a hell is wrong with you? Are you having an affair or what is going on?” M: “Jessica, NO! It is not what you think. Let me explain!” J: “Yeah, you sure can. Why don’t you explain why this woman and all this other individuals have been to Luna and there happen to be and explosion and a shoot-out on the mesh with the same number of people you traveled with and with the same isometric data as all of you, INCLUDING YOU?! TELL ME MARC!!!” B: “Sir, I took the freedom to initiate the safety protocol before and sent a distress signal. The “cleaning team” is already in the elevator. They seem to have expected something like this.” *Marc hides his face in his hands and feels that this day is going to end up very bad* M: “Fuck…” This little episode is a little teaser for all you GM’s out there who thinks your players are sloppy with their characters identities. It can be used just like this to good roleplaying and intense relation dramas and action. My question is; How do your players do to combine a regular life with being a Firewall agent? What do the characters do for a living and how do they get away with all the “away time” on the mesh and work? “I was at the bathroom” is not a bluff that anyone would buy after a while. :) How do they do to cover their tracks and prevent others to puzzle their activities?
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Whenever I play a game where
Whenever I play a game where my character and his team have double identities, I am extremely paranoid about being uncovered. As far as EP goes I would go with a ghostrider module (with security AI or fork) actively monitoring my firewall (if possible an exeptional quality one) and thats just for keeping one from accessing my mesh inserts. Ad to that alwase using every trick in the book for keeping someone finding me on the mesh. Also chameleon and invisibility cloaks (or equivalent robotic enhansements) are usefull, nobody can folow you if they can't see you.
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I would get a medvat I can hide in the floor and keep a clone on ice there. Then I'd stick an alpha fork in it and send it on missions. I was never gone.
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Thanx for your answers!
Thanx for your answers! Friend computer: he he... you are clever! :)
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I like it. I admit, I wish I
I like it. I admit, I wish I had access to a MiB-style cleaning crew now and again. (To answer your question, only one of my three characters is a sentinel, and he is only because of blackmail.)