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When making active skills in character creation, what happens when the skill is at 60 without the morph bonus?

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When making active skills in character creation, what happens when the skill is at 60 without the morph bonus?
Skill points in skills over 60 cost double, but what about morph bonuses? If my character has +10 COG as a morph bonus with infosec 60 [i]without[/i] the bonus, is it now 65 or 70? Further more, what about 80 and 90? Skills can't go over 80 without the expert trait and even then you need specializations to go above 90. What happens when my character has unarmed combat 90 and then sleeves into a bruiser?
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Morph aptitude bonuses
Morph aptitude bonuses increase skills. Its one of the reasons why you should pick a morph that fits your needs. A skill of 60 given a +10 aptitude bonuses becomes 70. 80 becomes 90. 90 becomes 100? A warning. If you already have a high aptitude score, its possible to get small or even no increase to linked skills. For instance, a high COG character remorphs as a Menton, which has an aptitude cap of 30. If their COG score was 25, then the character's aptitude could only grow by 5, so their linked skills increase by 5. If their COG was 30, then their COG has no room to grow, so no skills get an increase.
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Fairly certain morph bonuses
Fairly certain morph bonuses of all types (both skill and aptitude increases) are considered after any applicable caps. Same goes for equipment bonuses.
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Yeah, morphs are gear, so add
Yeah, morphs are gear, so add any bonuses from them at the same time that you add gear bonuses - in this case, at the dead end of character creation.
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Note that any skill or
Note that any skill or aptitude bonuses from gear are treated as modifications; they are applied after all CP are spent and do not affect the cost of buying skills or aptitudes during character creation. EP 1e 4th printing page 137
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