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When did the Fall occur?

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When did the Fall occur?
Does anyone know an official date or have an unofficial date for the Fall using the Gregorian calendar?
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Deliberately avoided - so
Deliberately avoided - so there's no "Marty McFly in 2015" "Back to the Future 2" embarassment. The writers left clues that it is about 2143 or 2227 - see this post http://eclipsephase.com/comment/14536#comment-14536 This corresponded with a blog post by Jack Graham I think about 170 year old gerontocrats (subtract back to 1973). Not sure where exactly that post was. Page 86 of Gatecrashing has Lady Gaga alive, so I'd go with 2143 all things considered. EDIT: AF10 is 2143, so fall is 2133 - pre-fall badness probably 2128-2133.
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This is fantastic, and good
This is fantastic, and good to know! Although I can imagine Lady Gaga taking advantage of the technology and living until 2227...maybe she died in the Fall, having extended herself with the initial technologies that had detrimental effects, and was unable to escape from the immortal folks' home set up for the old folks who couldn't youthen as they eternally aged...