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What's in a name?

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What's in a name?
Okay, I couldn't pick between Core Rules Questions and Game World Suggestions, cuz this is basically a Game World Question. How do names work in a transhuman society? Specifically, see the following example: William Smith dies. Well, his body does. He resleeves into a female splicer morph. Does he still go by William Smith? Or does he call himself Wilma now? Or is everyone Post-Fall just named gender neutral names like Pat, Chris, Chanto, and Carvaz (the last two are made up, and so to us, would be gender-neutral, I suppose). I'm making a character who's on their second body, and it's a different sex, so I'm wondering how to handle the naming issues.
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Re: What's in a name?
Hmmm... yes i guess there would be a tendence to name your children gender-neutral in the Future.
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Re: What's in a name?
in the future, everyone is named in 'leet speak. or with antiquated pop culture references.
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Re: What's in a name?

[quote=puke]in the future, everyone is named in 'leet speak. or with antiquated pop culture references.[/quote]
"This is our offspring, Yodawg Bananaphone. Yodawg hasn't gender identified yet, but is dating a sweet little AGI named Icanhaz 1M1NUR8A53, who identifies as female. They're such a sweet couple. We're just glad Yodawg isn't seeing that dreadful H4XX0RZ Goatse person anymore. He was a strange child."