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What's in a name?

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What's in a name?
For those that have the PDF or the creators (arg... wait is killing me and I'm about to renounce my evil bioconservative ways and get the pdf too...) does EP have ships and habitats with colorful names to them? Those that have read the Culture series know what I'm talking about but some other stories also have them and I was wondering if EP did the same. Had a brainstorm with some friends that produced such names as "A Callous Expression of Deco", "Don't Hit The String!" "The Completion Backward Principal (tip of the hat to the Tubes)", "Bonestell Had It Wrong...", "This Isn't The Ship You're Looking For...", and "Immortaler Than Thou!"
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I don't think we mention any

I don't think we mention any in the core book, but we do this with some names of ships (mostly Scum Barges) in Sunward.

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There are some named in the Gazetteer and other parts of the book:
  • Phelan's Recourse (scum swarm in Saturn's rings)
  • Song Cai Flower (small criminal barge in the outer system)
  • Caleb Williams (anarchist ship around which is centered the main settlement on Tethys)
  • Carnival of the Goat (an itinerant scum barge where revelry & decadence prevail)
We haven't really introduced a lot of big ships into the game, because they're not where the action typically takes place. Most interplanetary traffic is either military, long haul freight, or self-propelled raw materials (iron-nickel asteroids, comets). This might change as we get deeper into the setting.
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I don't see why they couldn't.
There is nothing to stop anyone from naming a starwisp "Hey Ya'all, Watch This!" or a hollowed out asteroid turned into a traveling apartment complex for a roaming bunch of pod people "Spam: Truth In Advertising".

I'm thinking of writing up a habitat for novacrabs called "Melted Butter" just because I've been eating too much seafood lately.
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On the subject of names, I
On the subject of names, I see almost no references to last names in the book. Mind you it's likely you didn't want to add to the page count, but given the whole resleeving process I was wondering if last names were another human-era element that was falling by the wayside?
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Not necessarily, in Sunward

Not necessarily, in Sunward we have a lot of characters with last names.

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Re: What's in a name?
I just came across the description of a habitat which is probably the most amazing, out-there and just plain cool thing in the entire corebook and i think it's name happens to be colorful enough to validate that i revive this thread... It's commonly referred to as Meathab, but the full name is Turn Yourself Into a Giant Mass of Space Meat for Art! (no, i'm not making this up, but i really wonder who did). Turns out the entire habitat consists mostly of vat-grown bacon. And it's alife and was -probably still is- inhabited by it's creator's ego. That's right, EP has got an NPC who uses a gigantic chunk of inhabitable space bacon as a morph. If you don't believe me, go read up on it on p. 104 of the core book.