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What's an Eclipse Phase Prison?

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What's an Eclipse Phase Prison?
This got me thinking when the Asylum thread got started. We often hear about indenture servants doing crap jobs, but I dont recall any word about prisoners, or prisons. How does sumward and rimworld deal with that? Would they get resleeved into case or pod? Would it be physical? If they're in Simluspace, are their bodies in storage or sold at auction?
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Jovians have physical prisons
Jovians have physical prisons. Everyone else is likely to kill you, kick you out or repo that morph of yours and stick your mind in cold storage.
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Generically, most places use
Generically, most places use virtual spaces or even dead storage, while leasing out the morph or selling it. The outer system is probably more psychosurgery happy though, but that kind of thing needs to be voluntary. A lot of places probably have judicial systems different from prison. Glitch probably reduces computer access, and stuff like ostracism is likely much more common than in the modern world. Dead storage is supposed to be a thing, but seems very useless as a punishment, as it subjectively does take any time at all. Fines or forced indenture would accomplish the same thing. I could see it used in situations where a criminal is deemed to dangerous to be in society.
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Another potential outcome in
Another potential outcome in some places is that they delete that "fork", restore you from a pre-crime backup, and whatnot. I mean, it's not like that's what I endorse for characters that go off the rails or anything.
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Gatecrashing had a prison
Gatecrashing had a prison near a Buddhist monastery, but that was actually an Ozma facility studying Async/Exsurgent stuff.
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Given that prison is meant to
Given that prison is meant to be rehabilitating to educate people to adopt to society (that's the idea, at least...), forced psychosurgery is probably pretty common for repeat, serious offenders. No like there's any reason to have supermax simulspaces when you can literally reprogram people. Failing that, deletion. There's no room for dead weight in most space habitats, and putting someone in dead storage doesn't fix the problem, just delay it. Lesser crimes, I'd imagine a lot of community service gigs, probably desleeved and jamming things like municipal bots and such with shackler AI overseers.
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not quite Jack, Prisons have
not quite Jack, Prisons have always had 2 diametric opposite philosophies, Prisons are there to punish criminals and thus act as a deterrent, or the prison is there to rehabilitate and reform the criminal into being a productive member of society. the latter is the model currently in action and at least in the united states seems to be failing do to a lack of negative consequence to the convicted during incarceration. however a debate on incarceration methods and methodologies is probly a bit to broad for this topic.
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I'd say "We will MAKE you
I'd say "We will MAKE you into a socially-compliant person" is a hell of a deterrent. In a setting with so much individualist emphasis, that hits hard.
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The corebook, as interpreted
The corebook, as interpreted by me, says the following: -In the autonomist habitats there are no prisons (excluding perhaps some kind of detention ward for the duration of the investigation). Instead, there's this somewhat blurry line of repaying victims and being exiled, so I'd say that IF you cannot pay back, you are forced to leave. In case you try something very serious (mass murder/blowing up a habitat) you are presumably executed and erased OR -if you are a valuable specialist - undergo severe psychosurgery to prevent you from commiting crimes ever again. -In collectivist stations it's simpler - those that don't play by the rules are expelled. Making up for your crimes is an exception. -In the PC there are no prisons, because prisons are unprofitable. Instead, you pay fines or are indentured (white-collar crimes, destroying hypercorp property and those that involve financial gain, like defraudation or drug trafficking, perhaps minor violent crimes too). For more severe crimes, like murder or child rape you additionally undergo psychosurgery procedures. For offenses that border X-Risks (terrorism, espionage, TITANs or alien research) you are, presumably, executed and erased. -On Jupiter we have physical prisons and even one gulag-like labor camp. I'd say that punishment there is very similar to today's world, particularly South America regimes, so XX-century penal codes would make a decent source of inspiration. Keep in mind however, that Jovians are strict biocons, which means they rarely (if at all) use forced uploading or editing but are also likely to pursue and severely punish those that practice forking, psychosurgery, illegal resleeving facilities and the like. As in any legal matter, this subject is pretty slick, and the relationship between crime and punishment will rely on a lot of factors, like the habitat in question, history of past offenses, perpetrator's good will or lack thereof, his mental state, the reason he's commited the crime in the first place, the likelihood of him doing it again, the quality of his lawyer(s)... the list is long.
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So then what about Jovian
So then what about Jovian prison system? They aren't really into pycho surgery or resleeving. So you aren't resleeved out of your body, but what do they do about implants then? Do they add in punitive firmware that disables mods?
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There's only one way I can
There's only one way I can think of to put this in perspective: >Jovian Prisoners >Having Mods >2100s >ISHYGDDT The Jovians have very high restrictions on the kinds of modifications the populace can get. Their licensing system probably greatly increases the cost for implants too, which means the best stuff is well beyond your average Jovian citizen, many of them starting as impoverished refugees. For those rare few criminals, such as perhaps those in the military, they probably take you to one of their secured Healing Vat or similar facilities and just de-install your milspec mods, forcibly. They'll keep you secured and sedated or surrounded by burly exosuit marines until they can manage it. That's assuming they don't just shoot high threat rating criminals like that and dump their bodies into Jove itself. I'm going to assume they do this for most external threats who are highly rated and they don't need to keep their bodies. This may put a crimp in any players who want to do a Jovian jailbreak game - but they're not going to just stick the Samsa pod with [i]all the combat mods[/i] in a cell and call it a day.
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Punishment (and prisons)
Page 60, Core.
Punishments are even more draconic in the Jovian Republic, where permanent execution and the destruction of all backups is the most common punishment for serious crimes against the leaders or large groups of the populace. Since the rulers of the Republic are strong bioconservatives, personality editing and forced uploading are rarely used. Forced indenture is very common, however, as are more standard forms of imprisonment. [b]The Republic is one of the last places in the solar system that has physical prisons[/b].
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Trappedinwikipedia wrote:
Dead storage is supposed to be a thing, but seems very useless as a punishment, as it subjectively does take any time at all. Fines or forced indenture would accomplish the same thing.
Dead storage serves two important roles, which are interestingly at opposite ends of the spectrum. (Behold the Punishment Rainbow!) On the low end of things, dead storage for a set time means you miss out on things. Your skills become outdated, your friends and loved ones drift away from you, you miss out on the latest movies... it's an annoying, awkward and uncomfortable punishment completely devoid of creulty or suffering, and so a perfect solution for petty crimes. On the other hand, permanent/indefinate storage is a death sentence, but one which doesn't provoke moral issues; no-one actually "dies" per se. More importantly, it can be reversed – if it turns out that the sentence was unjust or the accusation false, then the "execution" can be undone.
jKaiser wrote:
I'd say "We will MAKE you into a socially-compliant person" is a hell of a deterrent. In a setting with so much individualist emphasis, that hits hard.
Agreed. Especially when the limits of what "socially-compliant" means are so fluid. There's a reason Anarchism freaks me out... "How can this be for the Greater Good?!" "The greater good." "Shut It!"
In the past we've had to compensate for weaknesses, finding quick solutions that only benefit a few. But what if we never need to feel weak or morally conflicted again?
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I'd expect Jovian prisons
I'd expect Jovian prisons have their own surgery suite for pulling out any offensive implants for their prisoners, just disabling doesn't seem like enough to me.