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What would happen if antimatter was introduced to the Sun?

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Holyeskimo Holyeskimo's picture
What would happen if antimatter was introduced to the Sun?
Sunward says a kilogram of antimatter when met with a kilogram of matter causes an explosion in the 40 megaton range so what would happen if the matter it met was either the sun or something right by it?
LatwPIAT LatwPIAT's picture
Pretty much nothing. The Sun
Pretty much nothing. The Sun's power output is some 91 billion megatons of TNT equivalent per second. An antimatter explosion in the 40 megaton range near the sun would hardly be noticeable for the Sun's health.
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As LatwPIAT said.
As LatwPIAT said. It would be like throwing a molotov cocktail into a raging five-alarm inferno in a fireworks factory. Or pissing in the ocean. Or opening a canister of compressed air at sea level. Or pressing a firecracker into a ten-kilo block of C4.
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Don't listen to these
Don't listen to these naysayers. Introducing 50kg of anti-anti-matter to the sun would cause it to advance its age 4 billion years, frying the entire inner system, which the outer system would then celebrate as the overthrow of capitalist pig-dog tyranny (while the Jovians rightfully freak the fuck out). Little do they know that the 50kg of anti-matter came from the Factors, who reveal themselves as the ETI (cue [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kujo7V9m0gk]this video[/url]) and explode the rest of the solar system with their mobile, artificially created hypergiant star in the most metal way possible.
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The Sun converts each second
The Sun converts each second 4 billion kilograms of matter into energy. 2 kg of antimatter matter do not weigh heavily against such a bomb
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You might piss off some wrong
You might piss off some wrong-place-wrong-time Suryas, but that's about it. Now, if that were aboard one of the Solarian stations, it'd be proper fucked. But the Sun don't care.