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What Sorts Of Things Does The Plurality Vote On?

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What Sorts Of Things Does The Plurality Vote On?
So, I've got some Titanian PCs and NPCs, and I was wondering if people had ideas for the kinds of things that the Plurality votes on. Basically, looking to crowdsource some ideas to mention as "Upcoming votes" for things, running the gamut of items that might be plot relevant, background information and even filler. So, any ideas?

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -Benjamin Franklin

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Cast your vote in three days
Cast your vote in three days for the day of the year to be designated "Neo-Elephant Uplift Memorial Day", from a list of ten days from throughout the year. Titan remembers you. Cast your vote in six weeks for the proposed alternatives of the trade agreement renewal with Locus, each of the three fully vetted and endorsed as acceptable positions by Locus consensus. Read carefully between now and voting day, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Use your muse to research while you pre-register for voting within the next four days! The controversial use of extrasolar fixors to pin our flag in place is coming up for a vote again in the new year. Please submit your suggestions for voting dates, beginning at 07:00 tomorrow morning and ending in 10 days time. Dates must exceed six months from tomorrow. The most popular 10 days will be voted on within two months of collection and verification. Cast your vote on Minister Marcus Mackenzie's proposed budget options for the Ministry of Biodevelopment this upcoming Thursday. Compare your muse's assessments to the "Minister's Muse" XP-cast on the Ministry of Biodevelopment's Mesh Simulspace for an AI Q&A!
Yours, Dave the Brave
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I'd accept a totalitarian dictator over that incessant ceaseless droning any day... its like being permanently channel locked on c-span...
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I can't help but think that's
I can't help but think that's part of what Muses are for. Filtering out the crap you won't care about, like the fog of augmented reality.
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I always eyeroll at the
I always eyeroll at the hyperbole of people who claim to desire excessive murderous evils over minor personal annoyances. It's like when a toddler tells you they can't eat something they personally find "yucky" or else they might die, only with a slightly more developed lexicon, a sense of irony and a significantly more embarrassing social footprint. Whoever cooked a toddler's meal is not likely to think the kid is culpable for the implications about their cooking skill vis a vis being poisonously inedible, whereas even a teenager implying they'd prefer one of history's many horrific totalitarian regimes over spam email they can filter is probably insulting to any number of people who identify with ancestral groups butchered by one of those regimes, given the assumed level of self-awareness, intelligence and respect for others commensurate to respect demanded in a person considered a young adult (much less someone older). Irony and hyperbole in, say, Oscar Wilde's hands are not the same thing as unthinkingly using irony and hyperbole, by a long shot (and even Wilde dropped a couple unthinking stinkers in the midst of his well-crafted genius every once in a while). Not asking for an apology or a modification of behaviour, just being frank about my thought-link between dictatorship and "cleansing", totalitarianism and gulags, fascism and concentration camps, and what a "joke" trivializing that stuff to the level of spam triggers in me. That said, and to bring it back on topic, the Commonwealth encourages you to vote twice a week minimum, according to Rimward, and I'm willing to bet a portion of the populace ask their muses to filter out all but the votes the muses thinks they'd want to hear about, and asking them to stop notification until next week once they've voted twice (with another, smaller portion who don't care about the constant rep hits from fellow Titanians who frown on the non-voters among them). In other words, I think the sentiment buried under Baalbamoth's hyperbole (that unfiltered voting reminders for literally every vote would be annoying enough to be very rarely enabled and that even the minimum of reminders could rub the most apathetic sections of the populace the wrong way) probably holds true with enough Commonwealth citizens to make it a common mesh thread topic to stumble across. Public engagement is apparently quite high though, as per Rimward, so I imagine the vocal minority on this one don't get much sympathy from elsewhere in the Commonwealth (although people from other polities in the system probably make fun of it/criticize it and point to these stray voices in the flock to support their stances/embellish their jokes).
Yours, Dave the Brave
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A very high proportion of the
A very high proportion of the votes in the Plurality are going to be about micrcorps -- granting and revocation of charters, regulation of operations, etc.
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davethebrave wrote:I always
davethebrave wrote:
I always eyeroll at the hyperbole of people who claim to desire excessive murderous evils over minor personal annoyances.
To be fair, there are totalitarian regimes like China that has done a lot more for their citizens than many democracies :)