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What to read next?

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What to read next?
Hi transhumans! I've almost finished the core rulebook (I'm leaving equipment chapter to read a bit ' at a time), and I'm halfway through Gatecrashing. What next? I'm not a huge fan of morphs and equipment shopping (I think the material in the corebook is enough to run infinite sci-fi possibilities), so I would skip a similar book for the moment. The things I'm looking for are, for the most part: secrets, "spoilers", conspiracies detail, plot hooks for the various locations/governments and advancement in the metaplot (if there are any...). I'm a GM btw. What do you suggest? THANK YOU! BTW, totally OT: Where can I find the codes to attach a faction banner to my signature?
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Sounds like you should dive
Sounds like you should dive into firewall. Followed by X-Risks, panopticon and transhuman. the rest of the source books you can catch up on a as needed basis My account has options to find them, but enabling there only shows them on the topic post, however you can pull the urls of those images out of there and use the normal [code][img][/img][/code] tags will work
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The Sunward and Transhuman
The Sunward and Transhuman have the most new morphs and gear. Firewall covers conspiracy stuff the most.
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Yeah, like he said. Firewall
Yeah, like he said. Firewall then X-Risks. It'll cover most secrets and GM only knowledge. Panopticon is about living in a society where there are cameras everywhere and everyone can spy on each other. How people live and survive. It also covers a bit on uplifts. Transhuman is the effects of advanced technology on transhumanity. What people can do while keeping flesh, and what more they can do if they give up flesh. It can dive deep into gear when it covers Eidolons (infomorph morphs), flexbots, and swarmanoids. It also covers AGIs and Asyncs. Its one of those books that got me to rethink my stance on flexbots (at first I thought of them as a cheap gimmick) and other morphs. I also liked that some topics covers what you can do if you want to do dangerous stuff like merge egos from 2 different people. I liked that book and would like another like it in the future. Sunward and Rimward covers locations and politics in their regions. Ways of life in those locations. Etc. That said, there is some value in reading the books in order. There is some content that gets mentioned in one book but gets more developed in later books. I think it was Rimward that first mention that the Ultimates purchased 10,000 infugees and left what they planed to do a mystery, while X-Risks (a later book) covers what they did with them.
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I think the smaller
I think the smaller supplements (like Stars Our Destination) and the campaign releases (Devotees springs to mind) are also worth reading as they give snapshots of the setting none of the books actually cover.
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Re Faction Baner
For the faction banners, two places: My Account / Edit / towards the bottom of the page it says "signature bars". Click to expand and check what you'd like. Alternatively, you can goto the same location and add an image to your signature with the img tag. http://eclipsephase.com/userbars has a large number.
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Thank you! :)
Thank you! :)