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What order would you recommend reading the sourcebooks?

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What order would you recommend reading the sourcebooks?
Making my way through the Core rulebook (mind==blown), was thinking of reading Transhuman next. What would be your recommended order to read the sourcebooks?
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obviously start with the core
obviously start with the core book but the shear amount of material in transhuman makes want to put it off to last
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Personally I would recommend
Personally I would recommend Panopticon after the corebook. Once that is out of the way, focus on whichever Ward you are trying to play in and skim through Transhuman to read only the bits that you find are of interest to your game.
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I'll second reading
I'll second reading Panopticon after the corebook, but I'd add that you could read Gatecrashing or either of the system gazettes (Sunward/Rimward) next. However, Transhuman's package variant character generation and character options are something to check out after reading the core book, especially if you are running a game because it offers players who are intimidated by the usual character generation to have an alternative.
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Oh yes, I forgot to mention
Oh yes, I forgot to mention Gatecrashing. It's highly dependent upon which type of campaign you want to run. So Wards+Gatecrashing after Panopticon depending on where you're going to play.
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For me I'd say the best order
For me I'd say the best order is the core book, Panopticon, Transhuman. Transhuman references things from all of the other books, so it's a good springboard into Gatecrashing, Sunward or Rimward. But if your campaign is going to take place primarily Sunward or primarily Rimward, obviously those books make good followups to Panopticon, and same if you're running an exoplanet heavy game vis a vis Gatecrashing.
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Core -> Sunward -> Panopticon
Core -> Sunward -> Panopticon -> the rest The core book is a good introduction to the setting, and Sunward gives a good environment for playing in a wide variety of environments that GM and players are likely to interact with, as well as providing the background for well over half of any given character in the setting. Panopticon is less general, but comes with a wealth of setting information that is useful for bringing the environments described in Sunward to life.
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Core book is definitely the
Core book is definitely the best starting point; panopticon provides a much needed look into what life in a ubiquitous (sur/sous)veillance society will tend to be like. Depending on what you need in terms of campaign, any of the other books could potentially make a strong starting point. Transhuman is good if you want to play an async, AGI, or uplift, just because it goes into some detail about each of these things, but those are chunks you can read outside the main mass of the book. I'd recommend that, if you know what region of the system your game is going to be focused on, you should read the book specific to that region (Sunward for the Inner System, Rimward for the Outer System, Gatecrashing if you're being insane and scampering through the Pandora Gates). A full reading of Transhuman is best done if you intend to use the options in it to build your character, or if you're familiar enough with the main book to be able to solidly integrate the material. I'm definitely going to make sure my future players have at least read the core before we kick off, and if the game I want to run is what gets going, they'll at least need to be familiar with the Jovian region of the system.
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Thanks all, will go with
Thanks all, will go with Panopticon next.
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Personally, I'd read through
Personally, I'd read through the Game Information sections at the backs of Rimward, Sunward, and Gatecrashing before diving into the fluff chapters that makes up most of the books; all three of them contain a number of morphs, mods, and pieces of gear that players might want to use, so it makes sense to familiarise yourself with them before you start play.

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