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What encounters should I have in Locus?

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What encounters should I have in Locus?
An AGI friend of my wife's character will suggest a visit to Locus. A great place for someone who has pretty much only been in Jovian space to go. What would be great things to do there? There are ideas in Rimward, and I think some published adventures in Locus, but what else? Combat isn't necessary, but conflict can lead to great roleplay. Her character was originally a D&D Bard, from the Emirates of Ylaruam (yay Gaz 2), who later found out that she was actually in a digital D&D world (set up by a TITAN for unknowable TITAN reasons). Due to that, I want an Arabian coffee shop for her to discover - something that might feel like home. Filled with reclaimers who like strong coffee and a desire to go back to Earth. An old man in a defective Splicer who gives advice in exchange for a meal. A former naval officer who now has a noodle shop. She has had all of her military memories removed, but prepared a reminder for her later self that it was "For the best". A reputation broker, a former conman and IP thief, who has decided that his new line earns him more, is safer and more interesting as he feels that everyone is an IP thief in Locus. A used bookstore with real books. A treasure for her character, who loves knowledge, and combined with a potential steal of a contact as the owner has some powerful customers. Introduce the character to mesh and zero-g games. I have to do something really weird with the Amoeba. Perhaps it displays a message that only she gets? Hmm Use Rooktown to explore intereactions with uplifts and bio upgrades for her morph. A smart pet trainer or store, so one of her friends can get a smart dog to replace her former pet/mount from the D&D days. Have to do a party at the Blue Pod. Need to go to Kanigawa Farms, as I plan on her getting a hab at some point. Help a brother out. What kind of odd stuff can I throw at her at? Thanks!
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The Amoeba sculpture flickers
The Amoeba sculpture flickers and shifts in ways it usually doesn't. A stockbroker watches it intently, writing down angular symbols. Then she sprints to the nearest trading floor. An exhuman Predator morph stands at the edge of a public square. It watches the crowd with segmented eyes. As you walk by, the hulking monster hisses "It's not a [i]phase[/i], dad" into its ecto. A group of corporate spies are exposed and driven back to the ship they came in on by punks in leather jackets. But as you browse through a few of the punks' social media pages, watching their @-reps spike, you realize they all came in on the same ship the corp agents did. Thumps and whirring buzzsaws sound from the Armory. Something hurls a smoking, sparking anti-ship drone out through one of its reinforced windows. No one answers from inside when you call. A patrol of Jovian fighters harasses local space traffic. The Jovians don't have enough firepower on their side to pose a serious danger... until the scum barge [i]Pepekek[/i] attempts to defect.
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did a game like this
I once did a game that the players were victims of titan experiments, first by being the killing machines in the war, then as "toys" in the machine, then as exsurgents living out lives on Earth with a colored point of view thanks to the machines, and finally because of alien invaders "Reclaimers" they were woke to the truth of the world looking for a way off it all the while having tech from pre-Titan war and implanted titan tech in them making them very different. Just thought I would share...
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Surly wrote:
Surly wrote:
A patrol of Jovian fighters harasses local space traffic. The Jovians don't have enough firepower on their side to pose a serious danger... until the scum barge [i]Pepekek[/i] attempts to defect.
And that's when the Jovian fighter patrol and local Locus defenses coordinate to destroy a vessel with such an awful name, in the first and only recorded time that anarchists and Jovians work together on a large scale. The true horror is that I can totally see that as the name of a scum ship, even a century ahead of our time.
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Great ideas!
Thanks for the ideas! I might just have that scum ship show up. Lola (the AGI) introduced Yasmina to a WWII fighter game in which she is a member of Staffel 6/JG52. The other pilots were notably intolerant of the Russian opponents (lots of subhuman and mongrel comments) which icked my wife out, but Lola said dont' worry, they are just hardcore roleplayers. And explained that concept. Well, the staffel had a meet up in Rooktown, revealing they were mostly neo-corvids and really were just hardcore roleplayers. The staffel is led by Hauptmann Nevermore, who no one has met in the flesh. Wife loved that idea. She doesn't know who Nevermore is, but I plan on Nevermore being the pilot to a trip to Earth to find the cure for a plague that was unleashed during the Fall. It's going to show up in a major Mars city.(Operation Morpheus)
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Sorry for the comment Jetstrike, but i get the feeling that you don´t get how anarchism works. Anarchists don´t use Money, they soley use the Rep System. So the basic needs vor all are covert, for everything above, you have to bee a respectet Person and Ask. Do give you a few exampels: The old man doesnt give advices in exchange for a meal. He just could go to a public Fabber and fab himself some Food. As an alternative, he could ask for some Storys (She´s a Bard, eh?) or he want something special to eat. Maybe he givs her some simple Task witch, in the End, show her practicaly how things work. As for the Noodle shop... This is Anarchist space, so there´s no Money, so there are no Shops. He simply does it because he likes making Noodles. His only Pay ist the Rep he gets from his "customers". The Bookstore: Again, there are no Stores in Locus. And, in EP, old Books, especialy from Earth are not Treasures for her, they´re real Treasures. Earth Relics are very expensive in Hypercorp territory. So, this could be a Libary of some Kind, and she has to get some got Rep to get access to it. Remember these Tings are very valuable, so, even in Locus theres the chance someone could steal it and leave Locus with it, so the People in the Libary are suspicious on new arrivals. What else to trow on her? Maybe the Exoglots? Or, you could show her that Locus tolerates al lot of shady Chars, maybe a Gorilla Uplift with a Degree in Bioweapons as the Person sleeping next to her? I hope this helped al little bit.