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What do they know?

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What do they know?
The Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2012 in Kyoto will be over tomorow So I'm hoping lots of new data and ideas will filter down through science and tech writers to my level. And specifically I'll be looking out for answers on weather the 125 GeV Higgs is going to satisfy the standard model, with or without super symetry or not. (Here's a good article about that [url=http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21628901.500-particle-headache-why... Sientist; particle-headache-why-the-higgs-could-spell-disaster[/url] Being bugged about the results of the Hadron colider's peek at the higgs boson has me thinking; What do Transhumans in the EP setting know in the future that we don't know today? The obvious one is Digital Consciousness. They've established that there is a standard model for the human brain and human consciousness Inertial Confinement He3 Fusion. (this might be more of an engineering problem than a basic science problem but still, pretty impressive. Also; Metallic Hydrogen?!, somehow it's possible to have metallic hydrogen outside of the inside of Jupiter. (I'm wondering who else is astounded by that?) What are some of the other "Big Questions" that have to have been solved in order to have the EP setting? Thoughts?

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OneTrikPony wrote:Also;
OneTrikPony wrote:
Also; Metallic Hydrogen?!, somehow it's possible to have metallic hydrogen outside of the inside of Jupiter. (I'm wondering who else is astounded by that?)
I'm not. Achieving metallic hydrogen is just a matter of maintaining sufficient pressure. EP doesn't even hypothesize maintaining it in a state of metastability: Metallic hydrogen systems explicitly maintain the pressure constantly through magnetic fields.
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How far ahead is antimatter
How far ahead is antimatter production in EP? Is it just a matter of factory size and energy input, or are technological breakthroughs needed? Neutrino communications should also be mentioned.
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For me it's the biology parts
For me it's the biology parts that are more interesting, not only they where able to map the entire freaking brain, but they can control it with ease. And they even got able to cure cancer and most of the modern viri without breaking sweat!
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AGI longevity
You probably guess I've been playing Halo 4 (as a matter of fact, I'm listening to Miracle of Sound's Reclaimer song right now!) And it led me to wonder. How long can a Transhuman made AGI live in one instance, like Cortana? Do they risk Rampanty too? Though it's a really nice derangement for PC who play an AGI, from SV accumulation.
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