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What to do with Olympus Mons in 2e?

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What to do with Olympus Mons in 2e?
So the space elevator in 2e has moved to Pavonis Mons, which makes sense given its more equatorial position. The city of Pavonis is a carbon copy of 1e Olympus: space elevator, largely depopulated, and with lots of poverty. It seems a pity to just have the tallest planetary mountain in the solar system sit empty, though. I see it as a place where the filthy rich have their equivalent of country estates. Sometimes you just have to get out of the city and get some space, you know? Space where you own everything and everyone around you and still have all the luxury you are used to and all the guards you need to keep you safe. Where you can do pretty much anything you like and you're not held accountable for your actions by anyone but your similarly Croesus-like neighbours. The roads that lead up here are no longer used: after the heavy construction of the bulk of the estates they weren't maintained and the winds have worn much of them away. There never was a maglev rail line that ran here; that's for peasants and the clanking masses. These days pretty much everything has to be flown in. Keeps the riff-raff out. Sure, it's out of the way. Sure, it's ruinously expensive to run everything in such a remote location and thin atmosphere. But that's the point.
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Elisium kind off filled that
Elisium kind off filled that niche. But now you can have Elisium on Mount Olympus. For double the theme.
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Referring to olympus mons as
Referring to olympus mons as a mountain seems a mite....understated. It is the size of the state of Arizona, the top edge is ringed by the Andes mountains, sitting at the edge of space and probably has live magma to tap for energy. Only people on the outer edge of the 6km high scarp will be able to tell how high they are as everywhere else there is a fairly shallow grade (vs a cliff face, at least) At the very least it should be a military training ground. Test fire ground-mounted ship to ship weaponry, fly experimental space craft for hundreds of kilometers, have death-pressure training exercises in scuttled ships, and probably have a couple of mass drivers to chuck gear into orbit, since, you know, orbit is like right over there.
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I kept them both
1ED alludes to there being plans for a second space elevator. In my setting there are two, one on Pavonis, the other one on Olympus. The Olympus one is the first one and as according to the description in Sunward, and Olympus Infrastructure Authority is controlled by the Tharsis League and owned by the city governments of Elysium, Noctis-Qianjiao and Valles-New Shanghai, but it is no longer part of the Planetary Consortium. The Pavonis space elevator is a full fledged hypercorp with a seat in the PC Hypercorp Council. Both cities are partly deserted, Olympus for the reasons described, people having moved to better climate in the lowlands. Pavonis is partly deserted since the town grew up around it due to the construction work, and since it is recently finished a lot of workers are no longer needed. Having one League affiliated and one Consortium affiliated space elevator accentuates the conflict between those two organizations and makes for interesting plots based on the competition between them; political ploys, sabotage, taking control of the railways to divert traffic etc.
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