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What books are needed to play?

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What books are needed to play?
I just purchased the main book. My group wants to play a scifi/space/dark conspiracy type game. I figured I could make all three plus more happen with EP. But not sure what other books I'll need. Can you kind folks give me some suggestions on what other books I should order today? Thanks BigUgly
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The main rulebook should have
The main rulebook should have everything you need. In any case, you can always find the books over on Rob Boyle's site (https://robboyle.wordpress.com/eclipse-phase-pdfs/) and decide from there which ones you want a physical copy of.
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all you need is the core book
all you need is the core book. if you need specific supplements I would recommend panopticon and firewall. Panopticon for explain habitat systems, firewall for fleshing out the conspiracy. EP core also has a great recommended reading list in the back :)
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I feel like Sunward is
I feel like Sunward is massively helpful for taking all the good stuff in EP core and showing you what it all actually looks like in motion.
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And Rimward explains some of
And Rimward explains some of the weirdness of the anarchists and their general different-ness to how we normally run things (ala the Scum, and the entire Reputation networks).
Exhuman, and Humanitarian.
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Transhuman is good at showing
Transhuman is good at showing you how far you can push things. There are things in there that allows you to do stuff you wished you could do with infomorphs (but not covered in the core rulebook) such as digital equivalents to morphs and augments, stuff you might not have considered doing with flexbots, how to do insane stuff like trying to merge 2 very different egos (long before the technology is ready for it) and what kind of mess you will make if you tried, and some miscellaneous stuff like doing more with nanofabrication and muses. It is a book that allows you to play weird characters or characters who like pushing technology to the extreme. Or maybe it'll give you some inspiration when making your next exhuman or TITAN monster.
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I'll be honest, I think all
I'll be honest, I think all of the sourcebooks are pretty essential. At least if you want a really in-depth, fleshed-out campaign.
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EP Books
Thanks for the information. I just decided to buy them all.... Once I start reading them and preparing our game I'm sure I'll have a million more questions for you folks. Thanks BigUgly
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hahaha that works :D
hahaha that works :D
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Have fun with that, there's a
Have fun with that, there's a lot of reading to do!
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I work a 24hr on 24hr off
I work a 24hr on 24hr off shift, plenty of time to read at work. One of the perks of my job. Long hours but lots of free time at work. No wife and kids to interrupt me. lol BigUgly