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I noticed that in the interview you mentioned you will not have a weight/encumbrance mechanic in the game. Is there any mechanic that will be featured to cover how much a player's morph can carry, or do we use common sense? I see it going both ways and am good with either a system or not, just curious. I imagine that with a system where bodies can vary even across a single adventure (to say nothing of the fact that much equipment can simply be integrated into said bodies), a complex set of rules for weight/encumbrance would be redundant. On that issue, will variation to gravity be covered?
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Encumbrance is left up to

Encumbrance is left up to the GM and common sense. I personally detest bureaucratic record-keeping rules like that.

Gravity differences are covered, and they have some effect on movement rates and combat of course.

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Thank goodness for that; I
Thank goodness for that; I always rely on common sense and genre appropriateness when determining encumbrance. It's about time more rpgs ditched that old legacy system idea.

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Okay, common sense for

Okay, common sense for encumbrance is one thing, but what about maximum lifting limits? That could be vital information in a crisis.
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I think it would be
I think it would be determined by the appropriate aptitude, and a percentile roll...
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With all due respect: well

With all due respect: well duh. The basic mechanic is not an argument all by itself. At least with the D&D encumbrance charts, I had an idea of what the score meant. I have no clue what a SOM of 22 means in terms of pounds lifted, and that's the problem.
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That's going to be heavily
That's going to be heavily dependent on your morph. A SOM 22 Novacrab should be able to heft a good deal more weight than a SOM 22 Splicer.
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Since we don't give weights,
Since we don't give weights, giving a chart with limits isn't all that useful either. Basically we meant it to be like almost all other GM decisions -- eyeball it and make a decision on the fly, based on the character and the situation in question.

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