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Weekdays GMT evenings Skype voice game



I plan the campaign to start Play by Post, and then after we find our feet and establish a solid group also run Live sessions on skype using voice. I hope that the combination of Play by Post and Live will mix thoughtful story telling with fast paced action.

You can be any time zone to join the Play by Post part of the game, while Live sessions will be run mostly on weekday evenings GMT.

Keep reading for more details.

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Hello there,

Hello there,

are you still looking for more players?

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I would like to try to run an

I would like to try to run an Eclipse Phase campaign again. I plan the campaign to start Play by Post, and then after we find our feet and establish a solid group also run Live sessions on skype using voice. I hope that the combination of Play by Post and Live will mix thoughtful story telling with fast paced action.

You can be any time zone to join the Play by Post part of the game, while Live sessions will be run mostly on weekday evenings GMT.


1. All characters should be from the Inner System.
2. Uplifts are allowed, but AGIs are not.
I won't allow AGIs because I plan to ramp up the paranoia and mistrust surrounding AGIs. Across the Inner System, if any AGI passes a certain level of sophistication it is terminated by the authorities.
3. For the rest I will follow the EP fluff in its entirety, or almost so.

What I require from players:

1. Willingness to be part of the story telling. Help me shape the plot of the campaign.
I will start with a pre written module, but I hope players will lead me off track soon enough.
2. Solid knowledge of the EP setting. Having read the Core Book and Sunward is required. Panopticon recommended.
3. A well thought out backstory.

If you are interested in joining respond to this email and I will add you to the general conversation.



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Game details

The game will start on Heinlein, a minor Lunar Lagrange Alliance (LLA) habitat, where your characters will be recruited by Firewall. Your characters will need to be physically present on Heinlein for reasons of their own. This can be any number of things: business trip, visiting a relative, research project, corporate espionage, hiding from someone... up to you. You could even be a long term resident of Heinlein if you wish.

Heinlein was originally built by Azimuth Industries 50 years ago, but was taken over by the Heinlein Space Development Co-op (HSDC) in 36 BF. HSDC was an employee-owned company with some Argonaut leanings that expanded the habitat greatly, providing habitation services to companies and people renting space. After the Fall HSDC evolved into a corrupt, slightly incompetent oligarchy. The co-op ownership consolidated to a relatively small number of members running the company, with many of the original members long since moved on to other places and just acting as passive investors. Meanwhile the population had surged with an influx of refugees. Their demands for better services and representation went unheard.

The Novy Leningrad Militia began as a mutual protection society/protection racket among the refugees of the Novy
Leningrad neighbourhood but expanded into a voice for the opposition. There are rumours that the Militia is more heavily armed than the authorities seem to think, and some posters even say that the Militia is planing a coup. These rumours are however unconfirmed and the Mesh is alive with discussion: some dismiss the Militia as rag tag bunch of extortionists, mere criminals with no real power, others take it more seriously. Your character should have an opinion on this, up to you which way.

Behind the scenes there are Reclaimer and Planetary Consortium (PC) influences battling it out, with some nasty organised crime syndicates playing both sides. The HSDC had slowly slipped into the orbit of the Consortium, seriously considering leaving the LLA for the PC.

Meanwhile a sizeable fraction of refugees held strong Reclaimer sentiments. People from Vo Nguyen (the Reclaimers home habitat) had been circulating in Novy Leningrad (pro Milita neighbourhood on Heinlein) for some time, pointing out that a habitat joining the pro-ERP (Earth Reclamation Project) LLA faction might receive outside help. The ERP is also supporting the Militia (perhaps on behalf of its allies in the Reclaimers, perhaps just as an investment into a new and pliable government), and smuggled weapons, unlimited fabbers and hacking expertise into the habitat. Meanwhile a few HSDC members had ties to the Sun Yee On Triad: they are desperately pulling strings to avoid having the habitat falling into the hands of the ERP.

Beside these main factions there are local gangs like the Intelligent Design Crew, the Stilyagi and the Mobile Girls trying to gain from the conflit. Argonaut and anarchist rabble-rousers want to spread their favourite system, agitating for an entirely new governance of the station.

You can try to work with the background above when coming up with a reason for being on Heinlein, or you can make up something entirely new. For example, I give no details about who the Stilyagi and the Mobile Girls are, so feel free to invent something about these factions.

Comments and questions always appreciated.

Factions (make sure you know what these are about):
LLA: http://eclipse-phase.wikispaces.com/Lunar-Lagrange+Alliance
ERP: http://eclipse-phase.wikispaces.com/reclaimers
Planetary Consortium: http://eclipse-phase.wikispaces.com/Planetary+Consortium
Sun Yee On Triad: http://eclipse-phase.wikispaces.com/triads
Intelligent Design Crew: http://eclipse-phase.wikispaces.com/Intelligent+Design+Crew

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I got one backstory so far, I

I got one backstory so far, I need them all before we start.

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Just wanted to let you know.

Just wanted to let you know. I wrote a very rough outline of my character's backstory. I'll see about sending it to you Friday, but either way I will keep tightening it up.

"You think that of Me? I! Am the ONE WHO KNOCKS!"

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Cool beens. Are you the email

Cool beens. Are you the email converstion going around? If not, drop me your mail by PM.

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I know I tossed an e-mail

I know I tossed an e-mail address at you via PM when first pitching a character, but if you've been mailing things around, either you left me off the list or I have to have a word with a spam filter somewhere.

Said character incidentally seems to be 100% good to go now, made some minor tweaks to skills, tossed in yet another backstory expansion that fleshes out one of those blank slate factions.

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Check your spam folder

Check your spam folder because I've added you to the mailing list.

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Mystery solved! And it was

Mystery solved! And it was gmail's spam filter that did it so I'm probably not the only one who needs to dig around and do some whitelisting.

In other news, the map in the first post could stand to have a key. I'm assuming it's a rotating cylindrical hab, dark grey for major population centers, green for trees, blue for... artificially circulated rivers? Not totally sure what the red lines represent beyond having something to do with transportation, and I'm a fair bit curious about the blank white bands. Giant windows? Actual structural gaps? Solid chunks of rock not yet fully tunneled out?

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The map of Heinlein was

The map of Heinlein was confusing, yar.

"You think that of Me? I! Am the ONE WHO KNOCKS!"

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I can see why there is

I can see why there is confusion. I ma creating a Google Doc with a summary of everything that has been established so far, and I will add a Geography Section to it.

When it's ready I will invite you to a shared Google Drive folder where you will have access to all resources. Role Play will also be done on a Google Doc, so make sure you are able to access and edit Google Drive folders (you will need a Google Account)

If you have any other questions or doubts please put them here and I will add answers to the Google Doc.



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As mentioned on the forums I made a Google Drive folder for the campaign:

I sent this to you by email, if you were not included please tell me and I will add you to email conversation.

Please join the folder and read the one existing file so far. This is a full description of Heinlein, the habitat the campaign will start on. When you make character sheets, please come up with a reason to be there in the first place. I encourage you to be creative and to use what is inside the Google Doc. If you see something you like there, and you wish to link your character to it, go ahead.

If for example, you feel like your character could be part of the Militia, maybe a high ranking officer or a rank and file soldier, make it so. Or maybe you are a news corresponded for an Anarchist or Corporate news outlet, come to Heinlen to cover the crisis. Or you are there on business buying scrap synths to re sell on Mars. Or you are weapons salesman. Or you are a Stellar Intelligence salesman come to pitch your employer's services to HSDC (or the Militia) . Or the same for Direct Action or any other Hypercorp, Anarchist faction, Extropian business....

The one condition is that you somehow MUST be Firewall material. Firewall will contact and ask you to accept a mission. For plot reason they have no means to get their existing agents in Heinlein to handle an x-risk they discovered. So they have to recruit talent that is already there. You are the Talent. Maybe you heard of Firewall, maybe not, but for some reason, the Firewall Proxy thinks you are the right transhuman in the right place to handle the x-risk. Well, not really, But nothing better is available at present.

Don't be afraid of being a "special snowflake". That meme is out of control on /tg/ and anyone with an ambitious idea gets accused of it. Go wild, if you wish. You CAN be part of the Militia or HSDC leadership if you want. You CAN be an envoy for Stellar Intelligence or a similarly high profile corp. You CAN You CAN BE ANYTHING YOU FUCKING WANT, that's the whole point of this exercise. Don't worry, if you go in a direction that doesn't fit what I have in mind for the campaign, I will simply tell you so and we will tweak your backstory accordingly.

Invent stuff come with things, please don't let me the only one making shit up. This is collaborative story telling we are trying to achieve.

When replying to this mail please hit "Reply All" so we can keep the conversation inclusive.

All the best,


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Are you still looking for

Are you still looking for players? Depending on what day/time you play, I'm interested. I work fairly normal hours, and live on the west coast, so I'm in PST.

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Yes, we can do with one more

Yes, we can do with one more player.

Anyone can join the PbP sessions, but to join the Skype Live sessions you need to be available between 14:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT weekdays. Live sessions will take about 4 hours and will be placed sometime within that span of time.

If you want to join PM me your email and I will add you to the mail list and Google Drive folder.

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Count me in

I would love to join. I have a created character, a hacker type for a previous game then never got started. Would we be using roll20 for live sessions?