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Wearable gadgets

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Wearable gadgets
At what point do gadgets begin to factor into transhumanism? Today I use my cellphone to send me remiders of things I need to do, so technically I use memory augmentation. I don't think that qualifies as transhumanism though... or does it? What level of dependence upon the tools we create makes us transhuman?
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I don't think it's
I don't think it's necessarily a level of dependence on tech that leads to the transhuman - I think it's more about capability: moving beyond the range of what humans might be able to do.

Your cellphone may prompt you that a certain thing needs to happen at a certain time, and it's definitely better than just tying a string to your finger in the hopes that it will prompt you to remember something. That said, there are a fair number of people who have a good sense of time and can remember when they have to do something, so you're not really augmenting yourself past normally-accepted human levels.

One could put forward the argument that, with the aid of Google and/or other search technology, one can "recall" a great many more facts than a regular human memory. However, that's not a personal augmentation - it's not something that "you" can do by yourself.