Weapon Mounts on Bots?

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Weapon Mounts on Bots?

How largd of a weapon can I attach to a Guardian Angel bot? They are approximately people sized (they don't get the Small Sized trait like Saucers or Creepies) but I can't find the specifics on the weapons and bots.

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I can't find anything in the RAW, but I'm pretty sure anything a transhuman could use is fair game.

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Flaws of jamming aside, not

Flaws of jamming aside, not risking death is important enough for the character to create combat bots that have more than Eelware, so just looking into how bots wield weaponry.

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There is the Bughunter, (or bugunter, yeah a typo), robot in Panopticon - I get the impression from its stats it is smaller than the Guardian Angel - and it is equipped with a Seeker Pistol on a weapon mount. See page 157 for details.

Escalate from there.

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