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Wealth Rules

I really love the setting of this game after playing the demo ( and reading it ). The one major problem I have is credits -I Like them like in game value, but I'm more used to Wealth/Recourses rules than "buying with real money" and I think the first are more superior, because they saves a lot of time that is used in-game to "make the last buy on this session" with second aproche. Maybe they are some proposes on this topic? If not, I will show mine, based on my take on Wealth in Savaged Worlds.

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Re: Wealth Rules

Eclipse Phase – Wealth Rules

This alternate rules are for guys that don't like to spend all they game session time to make buys for they characters and all „can I afford this?” thing. It's one of many modern RPGs ( especially in modern and future settings ) trend to use the Wealth in place of normal „money” values because it's just obsolete in most of postindustrial economics ( and even in Eclipse Phase setting as I see this ) and also taking much time on sessions.

Idea is that character has some incomes to spend once in a while, but half of her cash is frozen to pay the bills, rents, make living and stacked on back accounts, new morphs and a like, leaving her to not be afraid “Will I get money tomorrow?”. As characters in Eclipse Phase live in constant danger, but they money lay safe in bank, we can assume that those sums can flux very much, with character getting new jobs and contracts almost couple of weeks, but needing to refuel they equipment supplies also or just going to bar often. They living also consumes some money, so this almost “live on the edge” way of life, makes them like “get all money and spend most of it “ generating general stasis on they accounts ( they savings don't goes rapidly over course of months, but also don't, generally, goes very low ).

But this assumes characters are “doing they job” in free time between the adventures. If Gm want to make the money main plot hook for characters, he can just put the sums that is four, eight, or higher times they “Credits per week”, because it's just easily will have large impact on wallets. And if they do they job, give them discount on buying new Wealth level from Rez Points, maybe even one half. On the other hand, when character have large times without new payment jobs, GM may froze her rest of money, and don't let him use his “buyings” per week until he get some new credits in-game.

Numbers below are just approximations, only to give you general idea of money that character can dispose and how much they can spend on character creation for gear. In character creation, in place of free 1000 credits, you use Wealth 0 level. To buy next Wealth levels, they need to spend number of CP points equal those to spend on last level and number of now level they buy.

Mathias is doing his new character for Eclipse Phase, Manuel. He come to determining Manuels Wealth level. He starts with Wealth 0 level, but obviously, he wants higher it for his character. So he spends 1 CP for level 1 Wealth, next 3 (1+2) for Wealth level 2, 6 for Wealth 3 and 10 for level 4 Wealth. In total, he spend 20 of Manuales CP for 20000 credits and about 10000 credits for starting gear and the same amount to spend per month , of course if Manuels will have his now position in job he has now...

Wealth Rating Credits per month / On character creation
0 500
1 1000
2 2000
3 5000
4 10000
5 15000
6 30000
7 60000
8 125000
9 250000
10 500000
11+ Previous level *2

The true heart of the system is that each character, with they “free credits” can make many buyings, that easily can be generalized to needed Wealth levels, not “real” costs of those shoppings. The rules are that character can spend “free money” on one thing of level of Wealth he has per month, of two level one lower, or four two levels lower, etc. So character can buy once per month very expensive thing, one per two weeks less expensive, or almost every week one moderate expansive to her.

Category / Avarage coasts / Wealth level
Trivial 50 -1*
Low 250 0
Moderate 1,000 1
High 5000 3
Expensive 20000 6

* -1 in Wealth means that even Wealth 0 character can buy two things of this level per month.