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We have met the enemy, and they is us...

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We have met the enemy, and they is us...
In the introfic to EP, we have a case where at least a couple team members more or less get their brains eaten by evil(?) nanoswarms and possibly, who knows, being turned into agents of the evil(?) nanomachines on earth. The thing is the characters in question had backups off earth, and would be resleeved into new bodies, however since no one from the party made it back then they would NOT know that some of their egos had fallen into nanomachine hands. So, in EP there's the possibility that PCs may end up literally fighting versions of themselves, if they go on a mission that ends up like the intorfic mission went and their egos end up in enemy hands. This could be a good setup for some role playing, but needs to be handled right. Anyone have any ideas on having player characters fighting essentially themselves?

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Re: We have met the enemy, and they is us...
This is actually the setup for my campaign. Firewall has been unable to track down this group of villains so they eventually track down some very old backups of the villains before they went bad. They recruit these backups into firewall figuring they will have an advantage in finding and defeating the villains. Of course they don't tell the backups any of this. The backups are the players.
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Re: We have met the enemy, and they is us...
One of my players is going to also have to fight this. He himself made a backup copy of him during the Fall and sent it out as an informorph to be kept in cyrostasis in case the nanovirus or anything else unleashed attacked it. This informorph now will be rensleved without remembering anything due to a glitch caused by 10 years in cyrostasis, and won't know that the original body did survive the Fall.