Waterworld Exoplanet?

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Waterworld Exoplanet?

Would it be possible for an ocean planet to exist, like Manaan or Kamino from Star Wars as an Exoplanet? Maybe not entirely covered with water, but a place where there's much more water than land, and there aren't any particularly huge singular land masses except for maybe stuff on the poles?

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I fail to see why not. I

I fail to see why not. I mean if a moon can form that is basically a ball of water encased in ice, then why not a world that is almost entirely covered in deep water?

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Waterworlds are discussed as

Waterworlds are discussed as a potential planet type in the Game Information section of Gatecrashing.

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Droplet is also a sample

Droplet is also a sample exoplanet, though I don't know if it's actually mostly water or just has "higher" and deeper oceans and thus a slightly higher surface percentage water. It's also a bigger planet with higher pressure and grav.

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Wow, Droplet is awesome,

Wow, Droplet is awesome, thanks for the heads up on that you guys.

Question: Is that atmosphere breathable for splicers, or would you need Enhanced Respiration on Droplet?

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It's about half the oxygen of

It's about half the oxygen of earth's atmosphere (which is/was 78% Nitrogen, 20% Oxygen and 2% Misc) so splicers will probably have some trouble.

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It also has slightly higher

It also has slightly higher atmospheric pressure, mind. This alters the balance of exactly how much oxygen you'd need. But Enhanced Respiration would probably be good. Or gills, since I don't think it's noted if the water has any toxicity. (Though the Aquanaut has toxin filters)

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Definitely possible

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocean_planet


Simulations of Solar System formation have shown that planets are likely to migrate inward or outward as they form, presenting the possibility that icy planets could move to orbits where their ice melts into liquid form, turning them into ocean planets.

In such situation, not all ice cover could be melted yet, there could be polar caps and/or big floating ice sheets.

For visuals see Interstellar :)

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In the Double-earth thread

In the Double-earth thread Arenamontanus introduced two water worlds. Just follow the link in the thread.

I really liked the description and it is quite ready to use as background for a game.