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Watchdog Synthmorph

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Watchdog Synthmorph
Watchdog synthmorph Watchdogs resemble robotic greyhounds. They're typically used in military operations as scouts and patrols where the morph's high speed allow it to cover a lot of ground and effectively disengage after contact, all while keeping a low profile and without having to take to the air. To let them observe unimpeded they sport both an impressive sensor package and stealth features. While its narrow frame stems from being designed for celerity it reduces its visibility further and allowing it to fit through surprisingly small openings. The watchdog's head consists almost entirely of the mounted weapon, typically a seeker pistol or SMG, surround by sensorsand six fingerlike appendages that can fold out for fine manipulation. It is able to stand on its hind legs and use the front legs also, but these are stiff and inflexible and the paw toes are built for strength, stability and gripping terrain under the extreme forces applied when running at full speed and only allow very limited fine manipulation. In recent months, Mars police has been field testing watchdogs for anti-riot duty where they're proving quite effective at penetrating crowds and taking out leaders. With their low stature and high speed, large groups simply aren't able to see and react to their presence, they're narrow and strong enough to get through anything but the tightest crowds, and fitted with agonizers and eelware to further help them clear a path or even instigate a panic - and once the crowd starts running, the watchdogs will surely reach their target. Mobility: Walker (10/40) Aptitude maximum: 30 (SOM 20) Durability: 30 Wound threshold: 6 Implants: Cyberbrain, access jacks, cortical stack, mnemonic augmentation, basic mesh inserts, enhanced vision, enhanced hearing, enhanced smell, weapon mount (max smg sized), pneumatic limbs, oracles, radar, T-ray emitter, radar absorbent, chameleon skin Advantages: small target (-10 to hit), +20 Freerunning, +5 REF, +5 INT, +5 COO, armor 4/4 CP cost: 45 Cost: Expensive (40,000 credits minimum) PS: am i the only one that thinks chameleon cloaking should be a robotic enhancement?
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I like this one though I
I like this one though I think it would be more suited as a drone rather than a morph (admitedly there arn't many diferences between them). As for chameleon cloaking, I think that all stealth systems have a few balancing issues. For example the chameleon cloaking has the exact same effects than the invisibility system while being way less expensive and being compatible with radar invisibility. Having it as a robotic enhancement would sound logical though you could argue the other way too.