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Warped pages

I ordered my physical copy of the "Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook" from Amazon.com and had it delivered to my home address in the UK and one thing that has bugged me ever since is that the pages appear to be warped, as if exposed to excessive moisture at some point. I am wondering if maybe this was due to it being flown over from the US. Has anyone else received a copy with warped pages?

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A couple of my EP book pages

A couple of my EP book pages are kinda-slight wavy but not enough for me to think that there was moisture warping. Do you have a picture of the warped pages?

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I'll try to post a photo

I'll try to post a photo later today (work beckons unfortunately)

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OK, a few questions. First,

OK, a few questions. First, does the warping only appear on the blue background pages of the book? Second, where in the UK are you? Approximately.

I'm up on the east coast of Scotland (near Dundee), and every Eclipse Phase book printed after the split from Wild Fire (when Posthuman went to their new printer, which is the 3rd Printing of the Core, 2nd Printing of Sunward, and everything else) has warping on the outer edge of every blue background page. Which means that any page that is fluff has warping. The white/beige background pages (rules/crunch) are just fine, perfectly crisp.

This doesn't seem to be a batch problem, it has been happening since the change to the latest printer. My guess is that the ink on the blue pages is reacting to something, either on the journey to the UK or while they are actually here. In my experience there isn't anything you can do to fix it on your part, and the few times I have tried asking the developers about it I haven't had a response (I haven't really tried properly, though).

I have 4 copies of the 3rd Printing Core rulebook (don't ask) and all of them have this issue. All of them were purchased in three month intervals. My copy of Gatecrashing, Panopticon and Rimward also have this issue. My PoD products that I bought from DTRPG do not, nor does my 1st Printing Core or my 1st Printing Sunward.


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Here's a pic of the book

Here's a pic of the book closed. Hopefully you can see the waviness of the pages instead of a straight grain pattern parallel with the hardback cover as you'd normally expect.

I live in the north-west of England. I doubt it is to do with where I live as I buy lots of books and only the Eclipse Phase one has this pronounced warping issue. I think it's either due to it being flown in from the US (maybe in the hold with low pressure the moisture comes out of the air or something) or it's to do with the manufacturing process.

I can't say I've noticed it affecting some pages more than others - it's probably just more obvious on the darker coloured ones as they catch the light more. To me it looks the way inkjet paper looks when you print a lot of colour onto them - i.e the pages look like they were heavily soaked at some point and have dried with a pronounced warp as a result.

I don't plan to return it to Amazon as it's not so bad as to make me hate the thing - it's just a blemish I wish it didn't have.

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Oh, all of mine seem to have

Oh, all of mine seem to have that to a varying degree. Actually now that I check my other RPG books, they all have some level of wavyness in the pages, especially the hardbacks.

My novels, whether hardbacks or paperbacks, not so much.

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I have seen similar waviness

I have seen similar waviness in printed pictures. But not simple text from the same printer.

My theory is that when you put a lot of ink on a page (as with a picture, or a coloured border) the ink wets the paper enough to cause some warping before it dries. Even a full page of text (such as a novel) is not enough ink to get the effect.

Cant comment on EP books, all mine are electronic.