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Vet EP GM, unsure abt 2nd edition

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Vet EP GM, unsure abt 2nd edition
Not sure if I should have posted this here or in the 2e playtest forum. I checked both forums and even rpgnet for some kind of evaluation of the most prominent changes of the forthcoming 2E, but didn't find what I was looking for. So, the most prominent change must be the introduction of pools. The feature seems .. nice, but I have some reservations. Hope that someone here who delved more into the new rules will enlighten/reassure me: 1) Most importantly: do the new pool rules take away from the grittiness that characterized EP? I have this gut feeling that it will make the game pulpier. Am I wrong? 2) Are pools enough to define the different morphs? Are they too much maybe? In other words are morphs more or less important with the new rules? 3) Regarding NPCs. They have a common pool and use them as the GM sees fit. So does an NPC in a Fury morph get to use all his pool pts for social rolls? Can a Menton use his for combat rolls? Maybe the NPC pools do not have to do with morphs rather than the NPC's "story importance"? If so, what does an NPC's morph affect, baring his mods obviously. 4) I can't seem to find any of the revised hacking rules, except that they are getting simpler and mainstreamed. Anyone knows abt them? Many thanks and excuses if I posted in the wrong forum
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I was too unsure about 2 ed
I was too unsure about 2 ed and after reviewing new rules we decided to stick to 1st ed. It has its flaws but for us the character creation was too simplified and gutted in 2 ed and whole pools are strange right now. Sure, 1st ed needed some changes and fixes, but imo they went to far in 2 ed in efort of making everything "casual friendly". My personal opinion only, I still like the fact that Eclipse Phase is evolving.
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That's a shame, having the
That's a shame, having the Fate version of the game we already have a simplified version of the game :S