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Vehicle Combat Rules?

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Vehicle Combat Rules?
Out of curiosity, will EP have any basic vehicle and/or spacecraft combat rules. I get the impression that in EP spacecraft serve more as settings than principal rules focal points (and I'm completely good with that... worked VERY well in "Schismatrix")... and it sounds like some of these morphs may very well meet some of the specs of a vehicle unto themselves. But it's always nice to have some basic stuff around when someone thinks they can take on a gunship with a car:)
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We won't have detailed space
We won't have detailed space combat rules in the core book -- we're very much trying to treat spacecraft as settings and plot devices. Perhaps we'll cover it in an expansion down the line. As for vehicle combat, as much as possible we've tried to treat vehicles the same as other characters, especially, as you note, since some characters may be in robotic shells.

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