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Vampire morphs?

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Vampire morphs?
How would you do a "vampire" morph? I'm imagining two major types- cosmetically-altered morphs for goths and LARPers and more heavily altered morphs for practical uses and more extreme LARPers. I'm imagining an Exalt with ghost-style stealth capabilities, regeneratory nanomachines, and a taste for blood. Would there be a way to give it a "drain" ability of some type? As an alternate question, how would you make Caerula from Battle Angel Alita in EP?
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Hold on, I have a stat-line I
Hold on, I have a stat-line I got somewhere on the internet. Let me just find it.
Vampire* (Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Circadian Regulation, Claws, Clean Metabolism, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Vision, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Respiration, Grip Pads, Light Bioweave Armor, Oxygen Reserve, Vacuum Sealing, Aptitude Max 35, Durability 50, Wound Threshold 8, +5 REF, +5 SOM, +5 to one aptitude of your choice, Mild Allergy (Garlic), Striking Looks (1), Uncanny Valley, CP Cost 35, Expensive (35,000))
This might work as a baseline. Though for what you're saying, you might pull out the traits and throw in some Rapid Healer or Improved Immune System. This was based I think on like "genre purity", hence the Mild Allergy. A negative for Uncontrollable Urge or one of those newer behavioral traits to "Drink Blood" could also work. Medichines never comes standard in a morph unless required by Traits. You could give it a natural bite attack, but a "drain" ability is silly. I mean, if it's got a fluff thing like "digestive system includes optimization for digesting blood", that's fine but healing immediately from drinking blood or even having enough force to rapidly exsanguinate a target in combat rounds is beyond conventional biomorph capabilities. Or should be, at any rate.
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