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A vague idea regarding forking.. Players play two forks and don't realize it.

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A vague idea regarding forking.. Players play two forks and don't realize it.
It seems like I'm not the only one who sees a huge reservoir of potential regarding forking in a campaign, but one cool idea jumped to mind. I'm not sure it can work though. The basic concept would be that some organization has two forks of each player character, and uses them simultaneously. The thing is, the characters don't know this, and neither do the players even though they play both forks. Again, this is all kind of vague, but basically I want to mindscrew the players by having them do two sets of missions, thinking they're the same 'character' throughout, when in reality they're two different forks of themselves. So, perhaps a sample adventure seed would be: Characters find out something on a mission for Firewall that's extremely sensitive to a Hypercorps or some other organization. This organization finds out somehow, but are unable to directly take out the characters like they want, before they return with their information. Instead, they decide to try to discredit the characters and somehow create a Fork of each character. This fork is contracted by what the characters think is Firewall, to do an exploration a supposedly abandoned habitat. Instead, when they arrive, they see various entities (rogue AIs, perhaps even a TITAN, etc) on the habitat, and are convinced to destroy it. In reality, each Fork's muse has been hacked to change what they see via something along the lines of the vids that can be modified based on the user's preferences. They're really in the same habitat their Alphas are on. At some point, after enough carnage and when they come up with a plan to destroy the habitat, I have the Alphas 'wake up', disoriented, and remembering only up to the end of their first mission (the one that discovered useful information). Yes, the players would know what they'd been doing, but probably would assume that their characters had been hit by something and went to their last backup. Then as they start their normal routine on the habitat they hear of some sort of massacre occurring, eventually discovering that their Forks are responsible, and having to stop the attempted destruction of the habitat. There are obviously some loopholes to close.. one being that whatever organization creates Forks and can hack a Muse and pull this off would A) have to be extremely well prepared to pull it off that quickly, and B) exceptionally proficient technologically even for Eclipse Phase. I'm sure there are other problems with the general outline, but I'm hoping that Eclipse Phase 'vets' can point out the viable elements and the not so viable ones and where problems might occur! Thanks in advance.
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Re: A vague idea regarding forking.. Players play two forks ...
A suggestion, with some spoiler hazards/speculations about CAKE. Characters investigate a facility, they make some weird observations, promising lead -enticing further investigations as they still haven't sufficient proof . they enter what they think is a elevator. Except it isn't a elevator, its archive storage device, made to look like a elevator. They are replaced by forks, who think its a elevator & steps out a elevator -somewhere else (still in in the facility). But they think they are the genuine & that they just waited in a elevator. The forks body can have been modified, 1st to give paranoid schizoid delusions, water phobia (rabies) or something else that warps their perception of reality & some features to lull the egos hosted to think its their original body -with no discontinuity. (players with flaws or merits regarding morph familiarity may get a heads up).[i] "what? I m at easy in this body too? I thought I only liked infomorph."[/i] Eventually after some carnage, they find their corpses, or archived Alfas. Players are backups. Kicker... If the players arnt alpha forks (perhaps they are just betas) it maybe quite legal. That could also be another explanation of the mind bend. While intruding & sidestepping various security features it was just unfortunate to do it into the automated testing grounds of a law abiding corporation tethering the brink of evil. safe tests on intruding "terrorists" =carnage?. Why? perhaps its a facility that wants to perfect CAKE.
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"Your success is just a piece of CAKE". Peter Dittmar "C - Cleverness" "A - Ability" "K - Karma" "E - Electrifying personality"
--- Victorious" successful test-subjects for each test level are actually "rewarded" with archive storage, and becomes the template for test subjects of the next test in succession. Test subjects can however be exposed, modified & intentionally warped; for Science! If a test subject clears several tests levels, the current them actually are the combined result of a series of archived backups along the obstacle course. Not that it should matter; that the current isn't the original, right? Armor trooper Votoms is series of animes, with a main background plot of a "distilled" super survivor & that research. [i]"What's your point, anyway? *Survival?* Well, then, the last thing you want to do is hurt me. I have your brain scanned and permanently backed-up in case something terrible happens to you, which it's just about to."
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