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User-editable equipment database?

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User-editable equipment database?
I really like the level of abstraction in the equipment system. I feel like it strikes a good balance overall and is consistent with the default rule set. It might border on being a little too simple but that's a minor issue of personal preference at most. The one really glaring thing that I miss is the character. The Brand Name Weapons sidebar on page 336 addresses this nicely and I'm considering setting up a database of fan-submitted gear using that basic idea. You would be able to browse, create, search for, categorize, comment upon and/or vote for equipment which is provided by other fans like yourself. I'd love to see people coming up with their own megacorps. Two rival software companies competing with their various products' strengths and weaknesses. Lines of implants from a single company which is notorious for making cheap and fully-featured products with miserable shielding. Firearms manufacturers whose gear is incredibly durable and reliable, if a bit old-fashioned. Etc... Basically, the whole thing is sort of my attempt at setting up something like my favorite gaming supplement of all time, Battletech's Technical Readouts: 3025. So, for example, you'd click on "New Kinetic Weapon" and you'd get form fields for something like the following: [list] [*]manufacturer [*]*model [*]*type [*]*AP [*]*DV - average DV is auto-calculated [*]*firing Modes - checkboxes, most likely [*]*ammo [*]other game effects [*]*cost - dropdown menu [*]MSRP - an optional sticker price in credits instead of by category [*]*size - dropdown menu including a "not applicable" option for things like software, vehicles, etc... [*]image upload [*]description [*]history and/or notable examples [/list] * - Required. Basic core rules that define something as being, in this case, a firearm. Most gear only has required Model, Cost, Size and Effects. Would anyone actually be interested enough to make it worth putting together? Would anyone actually be willing to write content and share it?
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Re: User-editable equipment database?
I see it's been a little while since the original posting, but I for one think it's an awesome idea. I'm working on something similar, but I always prefer to contribute to a larger consensus on projects like this as opposed to one limited by my own ideas and concepts. Additionally, my skills at fabricating an interface are lacking, so I'm a better data entry monkey than project lead. If you're still interested, let me know.