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The use of scouting books for gaming

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The use of scouting books for gaming
Just wondered who besides myself of course has used or thought about using scouting manuals and such like for gaming material. Myself I have used them to educate the players so they can know more about the subjects that their characters are suppose to know. I have found that to actually be conversant in a subject that your character is suppose to have experience in makes gaming more pleasant and the skill use is more than a die roll and you are sitting there going "I don't know but my character is suppose to, can I just roll"
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Re: The use of scouting books for gaming
I play with a bunch of old scouts, so I'm not sure if that counts or not.
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Re: The use of scouting books for gaming
Computerized , my groups often use wikipedia & google earth, during gaming. But before that yes, I often used scouting books, military survival books & books for medicinal plants. Reading engineering books if the character was a engineer. Role playing lifestyle fostering us enthusiast to thirst for information, concepts & ideas. Not to know or to solve, but researching to puzzle & portray. Enthusiast not laypersons, not scholars, experts, professionals, hobbyists nor generalists - presenting roleplayers a "new" category of researchers. [i]membership in multiple categories common.[/i]
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