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Fluff (spoiler'ed due to being rather long)
Spoiler: Highlight to view
[color=green]Ne'var Galilei (Researcher, New Quebec Remote Unit, Titan)[/color] [color=orange]Edmund Cook (Firewall Crow, stationed on Luna)[/color] [color=green]<[/color] I must apologize for contacting you, I’m sure you were resting. [color=orange]>[/color] Firewall doesn't sleep, my friend, and you know that, what is new? [color=green]<[/color] I have recently compiled the data of the incident marked as NQRU-067((FW)) and would like to send you a copy. [color=orange]>[/color] Of course, please summarize first... And... 67? What happened the other 66 times? [color=green]<[/color] We have rather strict procedures here and a report is made every time, I’m glad to report that only 5 of these involve me. [color=orange]>[/color] ... Of course, the report please? [color=green]<[/color] Yes, of course, sorry. 3 months ago we had a research team go out and investigate an old mobile unit about a week's journey from here by ground transport. The team consisted of 5 members, 3 scientists sleeved in Mentons, a Flexbot mechanic and my friend Brandt, sleeved in a Steel Morph enhanced with several new implants and modifications. [color=orange]>[/color] None of the other team members were remarkable? [color=green]<[/color] They were standard with the addition of environment enhancements. Anyways, they departed on what was expected to be a salvage mission. Arriving at the base they noticed that another team from a unaffiliated station were there and attempted communications to no avail. Cautiously they entered the base and found that most of the systems had been damaged and disconnected, there was absolutely no Mesh nodes online. Brandt and 1 of the Mentons headed to security in hopes to gain entrance to the main lab while the remaining members waited by the doors. Reaching the security office brought upon a grisly sight, blood and flesh had been splattered on the doors and walls just outside the office, the doors were sealed. Scans revealed there was a seemingly damaged Synth inside... [color=orange]>[/color] Scans revealed that much detail? [color=green]<[/color] ... No but they managed to get the door open and discovered the exact type. It seemed to have been in a type of sleep mode for when they managed to force the door open it leap up and feebly swung it arms in front of it, after a few moments they managed to calm it down. The face was mangled and it was unable to speak, it appeared to have self-mutilated, but they didn't get a chance to question it. It gestured to an old meshless video playback device and when they were distracted it grab Brandt's Shard pistol and shot itself in the head. They grabbed the device and heard shots and screams over their short-range communicators. Running back to the main lab, the door had suddenly been opened and one of the scientists was bleeding profusely due to a rather large and crude bite wound, apparently from a deranged Synth that attacked the moment the door opened. A few shards to the head took quick work of it. One of the Mentons stayed back to stabilize with the Flexbot, Brandt and remaining scientist continued into the lab. The Flexbot was examining the remains for evidence of dysfunctional AI. After exploring the lab and being unable to find any material Brandt and the Menton turned back and were greeted by another grisly sight. The Flexbot had viciously ripped the two personnel and was smearing blood and flesh over itself and shoving meat into the head portion, as if trying to eat, manically. Before they had a chance to react it charged the last biomorph and when Brandt jumped in front to cut it off it rolled around and killed the defenceless scientist without remorse. Brandt's reports say it seemed it ignore him as if he was even there, it just continued to “eat” the fleshy biomorphs. Brandt wasted no time putting it out of it's misery before quickly departing the base. [color=orange]>[/color] What about the others? [color=green]<[/color] No hope, we are certain that ETI is involved here. Almost entirely certain a Digital Virus was at work. Between the old recordings he extracted and the team observations it seemed they might have discovered something that was infected. All the synthetic, mechanical drones and even the pod morphs seemed to be infected. Skimming through the feeds revealed that many of the personnel might've been infected for weeks or months before the virus took hold and destroyed the unit. Although there was no audio in the feeds. [color=orange]>[/color] They were overwhelmed? [color=green]<[/color] Yes, at a ratio of almost 3-to-1, mostly maintenance drones. There was some very disturbing footage of a Pod turning on itself, chewing the flesh off of the synthetic parts. Prior to the virus taking over all of the infected seemed to develop a “tic.” [color=orange]>[/color] A “tic?” [color=green]<[/color] Yes, an almost too subtle twitching, displayed in morphs and drones alike. Ah, I must go. Brandt has arrived and he says he has some additional minor details, and requires my mechanical services to fix some minor damage on his morph. Please await my report. Ne'var out. [color=blue]Doctor Ne'var Galilei was found dead in his room a few hours later after a loud and startling noise was heard, and due to not having a recent update (more than 8 months prior) the research team has decided to not reinstate him in the program. Brandt has disappeared and has been unable to be contacted or tracked.[/color]
Fame Metallica* (Metal Hunger) A strain of the Exsurgent Virus identical to the Digital Virus (Eclipse Phase, page 364) except it targets Egos sleeved in Pod Morphs or Synthetic Morphs and Drones or Robots. Morphs or machines that are unable to produce audible effects attempt to infect morphs that can. It uses a Basilisk Hack (in the form of a loud unearthly scream) to incapacitate biomorphs before attempting to "feed" on their flesh. Explanation This idea just sprung into my head the other day as something to just add a bit more fear and horror to my campaign (also I was reading on Wikipedia about "The Thing" and [url=http://eclipsephase.com/pando-exsurgent-virus]Adaptive Radiation's post[/url], but i'm unsure about how my mind took those points and twisted out the idea posted above). *[size=8]Thanks to amv451 for the name[/size]
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This is properly creepy. Well
This is properly creepy. Well done.
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Fame Metallica
intriguing idea! just a suggestion, "Metallo la Fame" sounds Italian, but actually it is not. I'd rather advise to use "Fame Metallica" or "La Fame del Metallo" or something like "Anthropofagia Synthetika"... ciao
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amv451 wrote:
intriguing idea! just a suggestion, "Metallo la Fame" sounds Italian, but actually it is not. I'd rather advise to use "Fame Metallica" or "La Fame del Metallo" or something like "Anthropofagia Synthetika"... ciao
Good ideas! I admit I used Google Translate for this. And yes it is suppose to be italian. Edited with new name.
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I like your idea, really. I usually use the mind hack / basilisk attacks to scare my characters. You can't see them coming and this exsurgent attack causes a lot of paranoia between the players. When I need to introduce something phisically scaring, I usually use a mix of meat and metal or a crazy composition of bodies (yes, the idea of the human centipede on Caloris 18 freaks me out :-) I like your Fame Metallica, it's really disturbing I imagine it like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocmzDO-vBR8 Ciao
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That is something quite frightening. Although I will be honest I have no idea what that actually is. I'm not a fan of anime so I really have never watched any. A good visual none the less. I do plan on expanding this idea further. I have a few thoughts but on still pasting things together.