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Uplifts Matter

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Uplifts Matter
Fellow Transhumans. I dunno how many of you actually have your Muses set to filter bad news, so I thought I'd play with the tags on this post in the hopes of actually getting some of you to goddamn listen for a change. Two days ago, a small family of uplifts were kicked out of their habitat in Elysium because the local government had decided to "Rezone" the area. They weren't related, but they had been together since almost immediately after the fall, and finding a new habitat to accommodate their natural bodies would have been prohibitively expensive. When they refused, they were shot, and killed. Without being able to afford new bodies, they were put into cold storage for who knows how long. You can donate for the crowdfunding of new bodies, but I think we should do more than that. Didn't make most newsfeeds because this kinda thing is so common that most people find it easier to just ignore. I've been in touch with the local TSI rep, and even a couple of Anarchist groups. If you're interested in getting involved, or you have your own example of human oppression, post it here.
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What exactly do you want to
What exactly do you want to do?
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Plan B?
I'm willing to toss some of my credits in for the resleves, but that's a short term solution. Do we know which facility they're being kept in? Are they alright with being relocated if that's an option?
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That's a good question. I've
That's a good question. I've got a site that could use some inhabitants to cover some clandestine activity, and if they aren't going to ask too many questions about the armory in the basement I'd be more than happy to provide some space (plus, custom habitats have all sort of fun and exotic layouts that can host all sort of observation deterrents). Of course, they might object to being used as cover for a private security provider's stash of goodies, but if worst comes to worst I'll pay for the resleeving.
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You know, I just got back
You know, I just got back from a Gatecrash party (got stuck for months, long story... Achieved a personal goal though.) I might be up for anything that can help this family out.
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Criminal Activity
How shall I put this. I am basically a huge advocate of anyone in Firewall admitting to their implicit criminality and taking up the mantle for realsies. Realistically speaking your only chance of mercy and reprisal is the Hidden Concern on Ceres. They're looking for any octopodes spoiling for a fight against their enemies. This is my professional opinion. I don't know anything about the semblance of a soul you have but if you're willing to sell certain components of it you might have a future sitting on top for a change if you can get inured to the cold. Other than that, if you fuckers find yourselves on mars...I can get rid of that GRM for you... :D
"Nobody goes to Grid 36." --Rolando DeLaxie Scandal Artist, Extortionist, fmr Noctis Ranger