Uplift Eidolons - or If I Had a Yearblog

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Uplift Eidolons - or If I Had a Yearblog

Feel right at home on the public server, generic emulation routines be damned!

Practice sleeving into an uplift body in the safety and privacy of your own simulspace!

Teach your friends how your culture is rooted in variant neurobiology!

Try on a new endocrine system and see how it fits!

All these and more, with uplift eidolons from Anonymoose. And now, service pack 1 eidolons can run on any cyberbrain rated at 1.05 realtime so you can feel right at home in any properly equipped synthmorph, too. Compatible with Suitware 10 standard, our software maps facial muscles your new morph may or may not have to produce lifelike expressions, pheromonal signaling, and body language that can be seen in AR on any Suitware 10 compatible client software. Don't hide your personality behind a cheap case, show people who you are even when you're not biological - whether you're Homo sapiens or not!

In-Game Effect: Duplicate the attribute bonuses of any baseline uplift morph into an eidolon that may be used in simulspace. Generic eidolons no longer count as exotic morphs for uplifts who attempt to upload.

Acclimation to genetically mismatched morphs may now be carried out in specially designed training simulspaces, which train users to the body plan, biological and hygiene needs, and neuroendocrine system of any genus of morphs they are programmed for - whether human to neo-avian, or neo-pig to beluga. While specific training maps taking into account the user's previous or birth phenotype work best, training sims require only information about the target phenotype to function.

Finally, while eidolons running as abstraction layers on cyberbrains cannot account for the proportion and number of limbs found on a cyberbody - an avian robot will never have the kinesthetics of an avian, like it or not, and nobody finds a Xu Fu all that intuitive at first - the software can mimic familiar hormonal and neural characteristics that ease what would otherwise be potentially uncontrollable foreign impulses. Long ignored by makers of cyberbodies to one degree or another, the humanness of the FPGAs used to operate an ego ranges from "set in stone" to "remarkably flexible". With SP1, you never have to find an unpleasant surprise waiting for you when farcasting.

Service Pack 2 will combine the real-time translation layer with the training simulation; once we've merged the codebase, real-time training will be out of beta and you can reduce your dependency on the software as you gain confidence.